Monday, October 26, 2009

She’s Now A Family Member

Bella is now officially adopted into the family – we spent money on her. Today was her day to be spayed and get the battery of puppy shots. All went well and she’s recovering nicely – although still pretty well zonked out. She’s so highly active and such a jumper that we may need to keep her in the travel kennel to make sure she is able to heal.

Otherwise, today has been clean up and rest up day from yesterday. After all the cooking, entertaining, and cleaning up, we couldn’t even work up to left-overs and since we were in the vicinity we went for some -


  1. I am picturing your leftovers in your fridge...LOL, they must have great biscuits

  2. Somebody was in the Lovell Road area today, yes? The martial arts school I go to is just around the corner. I can smoke a superb chicken but frying them is not my forte. I just haven't done it enough to get it right.

    So one of my guilty pleasures is deep fried chicken like Bojangles and Popeyes. If you're ever on Hwy 25 in Cocke County, do yourself a favor and stop by Beetles Broasted Chicken and pick up a a box of their chicken and fried potatoes. It's just a roadside shack, but they make some great chicken. I love their slaw too.

  3. Chris - We were actually in Lenoir City. I'll try and remember Beetles and give it a try - I really like good fried chicken like grandma used to make.


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