Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Last Of Our Lettuce

We had previously harvested most of our lettuces, but the last plants didn’t come out until May 30 – they lasted a long time considering the unusual spring heat.  I grow several varieties each year and a few years ago, I substituted Slobolt green leave lettuce for Black Seeded Simpson, the more traditional variety for this area.

I’m glad I did as it lives up to its name and bears without bolting week’s beyond most leaf lettuces.  This is a shot I’d taken earlier in the garden - they are the light green ones.

This is what we harvested.

I’ve mentioned this before, but an accidental discovery I made several years ago was that leaf lettuces make pretty big plants and growing them as individuals rather than in a bed works very well.  It takes less garden space and makes them easier to pick, water, and cultivate.  We just pick the individual outside leaves until seasonings end.  This is a shot of one plant.

Unfortunately, at seasons end, it all gets ready at the same time so I had to find a home for some of it to prevent just tossing it on the compost pile.

I buy my lettuce seeds from Seed Savers Exchange, where they have a large selection of heirloom seeds, then grow individual transplants in the greenhouse.

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  1. Lucky you. This is my first year of growing lettuce and it is about as easy as it gets. We do the slice two inches above the dirt method of harvesting and it just keeps growing back. So far we have had over 60 salads from one package of seeds.

    I have a gardening question for you. When we were at your house you had an unusual (to me) set up for your tomatoes. Consider doing a blog post on them. I use those wire circles and they are not holding up. I got permission from my long suffering wife to rip out her flower bed and add more space for tomatoes next year so pondering my possibilities. Any suggestions?



  2. Beautiful lettuce Larry. Wish I could have been on the "saving" end of that harvest. I joined a CSA and get my first shipment today. I'm hoping I get some lettuce that looks half that good.

  3. Gorgeous heads of lettuce, Larry! Can't believe I pay so much money for lettuce that doesn't even look half as good as that!!

  4. It got so hot here in Virginia the lettuce was short lived. Great tips on the picking :) Also, I've been off-line a few days and had not seen your header photo. Thanks for that - it made me smile!

  5. I am amazed at how much food you grow, Larry. You must be very busy when planting season rolls around. The lettuce looks wonderful. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  6. It looks as if you had a great lettuce crop. Few things taste better than home-grown lettuce.

  7. We buy black simpson at the farmers' market at Market Square, it's our favorite. We found it there by accident last year. The farmer did say it was one of the easiest to grow around here.


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