Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Grand Vacation

Our son, Eric, and his family are moving to the Baltimore area when Ann has started a new job and is already there.  This left Eric with the two grandkids, Matthew (seven) and Sophia (four), to look after in addition to his job in addition to packing up the house to move.  This worked fine while the kids were in school but not at all afterward, so he has dispatched them on a Grand Vacation, with Almost Heaven South as the first stop.

I picked them up on Tuesday and so far, they’ve most hung around the house during the heat of the day and headed to the lake for a swim in late afternoon.  On Thursday, Matthew decided to try his hand at fishing and quickly caught a Brim (Sunfish), decided that was okay, but went back to swimming.

Since it was bread day, we decided on grilled pizza for supper, even though Sophia announced she didn’t like grill marks.  We used our usual process for the pizzas and they turned out great.  They each got just what they wanted for toppings as did Bev, Pat (SIL) and I.  This is mine, topped and then about ready to take up.
Sophia, who is a picky eater and doesn’t eat much ate the whole thing and Matthew ate all but a couple of bites – the dogs quickly dispatched the rest.  We have fresh basil and Bev decided to make a margherita pizza.
 The next day it was the same morning routine then a trip to the movies with Meme for "Kung Fu Panda 2" (whatever that is) followed by a dip in the lake and Italian take-out dinner on the dock – which Matthew loves.
I finally remembered to take my camera to the lake Saturday morning for the final dock visit prior to leaving and got a few shots of them - swimming.
Fish feeding is a special event and they attracted a lot of brim with bread. After discussing there was a whole school of fish Sophia announced “the big one with the lipstick must be the teacher” - a carp had swum by - I about cracked up.
And when tired of swimming and feeding fish, it was write their names on the dock with the water guns.
Matthew is keeping a journal for the vacation and after their parents find out they got to lay around in their jammers half a day and watch cartoons, we may never get to keep them again – but hey this is Grandpop and Meme’s where the living is easy. I’m sure Eric and Ann can fix them back in just a few days.

From here, it was off to Nashville for a visit with Eric's mom, then on to Illinois with Ann's parents, and finally to their new home in Maryland.
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  1. Have fun, swim in the lake, feed the fish, and eat pizza --- what more could a kid want on vacation?

    BTW, thanks for not having the word verification thing Larry. I've removed it from my blog. I think it makes leaving comments sooo much more pleasant.

  2. "The big one with the lipstick must be the teacher" ... how priceless is that? And dang those carp can get so big .. I won't let my little 4 lb dog go in the water at our nearby lake, afraid they'll swallow her up. You do operate Almost Heaven Larry and Bev, watching cartoons until noon, pizza...ohmy

  3. Love your grand-parenting philosophy! Looks like everyone is having a great time, and the lipstick issue is the best!

  4. Being a grandparent is the best thing ever! We can spoil them rotten and then send them back to their parents. When my grandkids were the ages of yours I took them to the beach and we stopped at a Dairy Queen for Blizzards and onion rings for breakfast. They don't remember much else about that weekend but they do remember that breakfast. I do admit that I felt a little guilty about it at the time.

  5. Larry, Looks like the grandkids had a great time. The pizza's look good too... We'll have to try doing a pizza at home. We're still looking for a good pizza in the area but no luck so far. Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  6. What a wonderful time M and S have had with Grandpop and Meme!

    And what a gentle, kind and loving progression for these two to their new home - they get to visit with all their Grand Parents, and to enjoy such special times with all of the "Grandies".

    Meanwhile I expect this is making the big move way less hassled for their Dad and Mom.

    Sending care and huggles to you all, Michelle and Zebby Cat (as usual - my sleeping cat!

  7. Thanks, again, for doing this for us, and more importantly, for the kids. They've had great things to say, and I'm sure Matthew's journal will share some more gems.

    The line about the lipstick fish is classic Sophia. She has an incredible way of viewing the world.

    Funny enough, Matthew an Sophia convinced me to do the PJ day just last week, using the excuse of it being there "last day." Looks like it's up to Ann to get them back on any semblance of a schedule.

    Thanks, again, Grandpop. You and Mimi did a grand job.

  8. The school teacher cracked me up! Thanks for lunch today, Alexis and I enjoyed it. Looking forward to the party in two weeks!

  9. I'm still chucking over "Kung Fu Panda 2, whatever that is" and the teacher line. Very sweet post. My philosophy about grandparenting is that I did my work when I raised my kids. So it's not really my job to raise the grandkids - just to love them up. So far it's working out. :)


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