Friday, June 8, 2012

A Couple More Breakfast Meals From Cajun Leftovers

Here are two more breakfast meals I made from our blogger party leftovers. The first uses the shrimp along with an English muffin, cheddar cheese, and a poached egg.

I served it with the leftover scramble from the previous meal and some cantaloupe and raspberries.

For the last meal, I sautéed some onion and sweet pepper, along with the leftover potatoes and a piece of smoked sausage I found in the bag.  After plating, I added some shredded cheddar and topped with a couple of over easy eggs.

Both meals were very good and I still have some shrimp and crawfish tails in the freezer – stay tuned.  Right after eating the last of the potatoes in the bag, Bev walked in and announced she'd found another 2 gallon bag of potatoes and corn in the garage fridge - oh my - she went in search of a potato/corn chowder recipe.

All photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South.

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6/1 & 6/2 meal dates


  1. In the summer I am able to read your posts before breakfast, which makes my granola seem so lame.

  2. Sam took my Shrimp McMuffin joke... all looks terrific... starving for a rib sticking breakfast now!


  3. Don't let McDonalds get wind of that shrimp McMuffin, they'll be creating some processed version. Personally, I'll take the sausage/potato. And love that runny egg action shot.

  4. Shrimp on an english muffin with eggs? Oh, wow, I'm so having that for breakfast this weekend!!!

  5. Larry, Once again you have proved that you are the master breakfast maker! Loved the modified shrimp & eggs benedict. Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  6. You come up with the most delicious breakfasts. You've made me hungry again. Have a great weekend.

  7. Larry, you really need to make Bev some crawfish fettuccine with all that Cajun gold in your freezer!

  8. These leftover meals look great. I am drawn to the one with the eggs over easy. Looks terrific! Blessings, Catherine

  9. The best part of throwing a big party is all the left-overs you get to enjoy afterward. Great use of the


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