Tuesday, June 26, 2012

RV Trip to Roan Mountain – Blowing Rock & the BRP

After lunch at the Greek restaurant in Boone, NC, we headed down to the town of BlowingRock, NC, which one of the campground’s fulltime summer residents told us was a shopper’s paradise.  Per magazines and Wikipedia “The town of Blowing Rock takes its name from an unusual rock formation which juts over 1,500 feet (460 m) above the Johns River gorge. Due to the rock's shape and size, wind currents from the gorge often blow vertically, causing light objects to float upwards into the sky.”  A shot from the web of the blowing rock, which we didn't know to stop at.

It is a nice little town that has morphed itself into the summer tourist mecca of this area of the NC Blue Ridge, with the old buildings lining main street containing nice shops (not T-shirts and junk from China) and restaurants, and the side streets having more shops, restaurants, and lodging (shots below).  While the girls shopped I found a couple of nice spots, dog sat the three pups, and chatted with the near continuous steam of ladies who stopped to pet them – single guys should go out in public with a couple of cute dogs rather than go to bars.

To come home, we drove about 30 miles of the Blue Ridge Parkway (my desire for the trip) and I took a few shots along the way.  It's hard to get clear shots in the lazy, hazy days of summer.

We had a different plan for a second day, but after discovering Blowing Rock, the girls insisted on a return trip as the two hours previously only gave them time to hit four or five shops.  I agreed but decided I was not interested in another day of sitting around with the dogs so I dropped them in town for a four hour visit and the pups and I went exploring.  I first drove around town and snapped a few pictures.

This is the city park across the street from the shops.

Then the dogs and I went driving around the area, including the Blue Ridge Parkway in the other direction from the previous day.

I always thought it was Tom Dooley.  Christmas tree farming is big in the high altitudes of this area and here are a couple of them I saw along the way.

Sorry for the length, but I just knew you'd want to see all these shots J .

All photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South.

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  1. Really nice photos Larry and thanks for the tour. THREE dogs? I thought you had two. The sign is wrong. It's Tom Dooley. ??? :) I get those same hazy photos here in Colorado, even when there's no fire.

  2. Sounds like a lovely trip! I had to laugh at "The Lump Overlook"...interesting choice in names.

  3. Such lovely pictures, Larry! Makes me want to take a road trip to NC that is for sure!!

  4. overcast or not, all wonderful photos, Larry. We love the Blue Ridge Pkwy_haven't been there in 'forever' it seems. Big beautiful country and I know you enjoyed it.

  5. I always enjoy joining you on your travels. I thought your tip for single guys was funny.

  6. Glad you got to see some of the BRP, Larry.. We love being up there. It's nice (during a hot summer here) to go on the parkway--roll down the car windows and enjoy that cooler air!!!!

    I'm one of those weird females who doesn't enjoy shopping... SO---I'd be with you while your girls shopped... ha

  7. We love Blowing Rock and the Blue Ridge Parkway. I completely understand why the girls would want to shop some more.

    We enjoy the Christmas tree farms around Highlands, which is closer for us.

    I totally agree about the dog comment. Men, listen to Larry.

  8. Larry, This is a nice series of photos. It reminds me that Laurie and I need to start exploring the countryside closer to home. We don't have to drive a thousand miles to experience new vistas! Blowing Rock scares me though...ugh! Shopping! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  9. You were right - I did want to see all the shots - very nice and not hazy at all :) The Christmas tree farms are so interesting. The shops look great the views incredible. Good one!

  10. Gorgeous pics and we were so close to retiring in NC. I love it there and your photos prove how beautiful it is, esp. the Blue Ridge Parkway. That's interesting about Tom Dula. I googled it and Dula was pronounced as Dooley and later years with the song and all, it was assumed to be Dooley. This is an interesting post and I would love to return there soon!

  11. I've been to Blowing Rock several times, both before and after I met Betsy. It is a beautiful area, and nothing can compare to a drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Betsy and I have traveled the entire length of it a couple of times now and are always ready to go again.

  12. What beautiful photos! Hope you're having a fun time on your trip!

  13. Lump Overlook is not where they make coal ;)


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