Tuesday, June 19, 2012

RV Trip To Roan Mountain,TN. – The Campground

With all we had going on this spring, it was Jun 11 before we made our first RV trip and it was to Roan Mountain, TN.  The State Park there is home to an annual Rhododendron Festival which brings in several thousand visitors for the two day event.  Bev and I had scouted out the area last fall, decided we’d like to come and see the flowers, but I wanted no part of the festival, so we opted for the Mon–Thu prior to the Sat/Sun event. 

In our younger snow skiing days we’d spent a lot of time in the area shooshing the slopes of Beech and Sugar Mountains but had spent no time discovering the area in the summer and that was part of the mission for this visit.

The trip began nicely with a break in the rain at home for loading up and an uneventful four hour drive to the town of Roan Mountain, TN.  We stayed at the small family-owned, Mountain View RV Park, which has 25 sites but no facilities, so it’s only suitable for fully equipped RV’s, as intended.  It is a couple of miles from town and nestled near the mountains and between two parts of the Roan Mountain State Park.

One side of the RV park is along the Doe River and those 13 sites include 9 that are rented year round and have been built to be semi-permanent: porches, phones, dish TV, hard plumbing for water and sewer, and metered electric.

Our site was next to the row of permanent ones and we felt fortunate to be along the creek where the dogs enjoyed drinking from the cool mountain stream and it was very nice to fall asleep and awake to the sound of the water on the riffles just behind us.

I took a couple of shots back at the waterfall behind our site for Betsy and George – total height of a couple of feet, but I’m guessing there are some bigger ones around as the stream makes its way down from the mountains. 

It was easy to see why the place is called Mountain View and here are some shots of the changing mountain view from my campsite chair.

The RV park was clean, well maintained, quiet, and the full time residents were friendly - only a few folks were there early in the week but many more when we left the day prior to the festival. 

The owners live on the same property, but a few hundred yards away, so they were readily available if needed.  Since cell service was sporadic (no Ipad) and there was no cable TV, my lone suggestion to the owners was to consider adding Wi-Fi.  We'll look forward to another visit with the DeYoungs.

All photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South.

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6/11/12 – 6/15/12 event date


  1. an "uneventful four hour drive" is a good thing! :) Beautiful scenery Larry, thanks for sharing those pics.

  2. an "uneventful four hour drive" is a good thing! :) Beautiful scenery Larry, thanks for sharing those pics.

  3. It looks so peaceful and beautiful there!

  4. There is nothing more relaxing than the sound of water rolling down the creek...peace.

    Glad you got a great camp spot and had a nice time.

  5. Can you believe that I grew up near Roan Mtn.--and have NEVER been there... Sounds like you all had a great camping spot... Hope you saw some Rhodies in bloom. We saw some last week in Ashevillle at Biltmore.

    Thanks for sharing the little waterfall with us. We love waterfalls --both the big ones and the tiny ones!!!!

  6. Larry, That was certainly a beautiful setting...a stream, the forest and the mountains... Great set up for the dogs too! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  7. Looks like you enjoyed your weekend-it is always good to discover something new.


  8. Beautiful camp site! Love being next to water especially in a tent. The sound of the water is so relaxing. We camped this weekend in Shenandoah and hiked on the AT. Stop by for a chance to win PB Crave's delicious peanut butter!

  9. Roan Mountain was one of the first places my husband took me to in Tennessee.

  10. Looks like you didn't need Wi-Fi, Larry, you had a gorgeous view and a beautiful creek beside your spot.

    Glad this was an "uneventful' trip!

  11. This campground is so relaxing and peaceful with the mountains and the creek surrounding it. It’s no wonder RV owners picked this place. Ahh! The stream is very inviting and even your dogs love the peaceful flow of the clear water. I'd enjoy just sitting by the creek, listen to water flowing and breathe fresh air. Good luck with the future trips!

  12. It's a pretty place. I'll bet the pups loved frolicking in that stream! And I'm not gonna lie, my feet would have been in it, too.

  13. What a lovely introduction to your wonderful blog :-)

  14. love, love, love the valleys and peaks of TN... all the beauty God gave us is right there, my grandfather was from Lewisville and had relatives in Shelbyville and many from the area so I often visited - snow vacations at Christmas and cooling off in the cool waters just like you visited in the summertime - planning on a trip through there next month in route to Asheville... and another one in Aug back to Lewisburg to visit family... yup, love that country

  15. Mountain View looks like a beautiful RV park, even with the lack of facilities. The views of the mountains are gorgeous. Thank you for thinking of us when you saw the waterfall. Perhaps we'll get there one day so we can add it to our collection.

  16. Yeah, but the whole point is to get AWAY from technology, so "NO WIFI FOR YOU!" ha ha

  17. The views look lovely. My husband doesn't like the crowds that go along with festivals so we would be like you and enjoy the scenery early.


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