Monday, June 4, 2012

Cajun Breakfasts From Leftovers 1

After the blogger party, we let everyone get away without taking some of the leftovers so we ended up with a 2 gallon bag of potatoes/corn and two 2 gallon bags of crawfish/shrimp.  The first step was to prevent them from going bad before we could use them which I did by freezing the meat. 

The shrimp were scattered on a sheet pan with the shells still on, frozen, and bagged.  For the crawfish, I removed the tails, rinsed those that needed it, and froze like the shrimp.  I’ve bought frozen tails already removed from the shells, but I left them on thinking they might hold their flavor better.  This is the pile of whole crawfish and the tails and shrimp to be frozen.

I kept out enough of each for a breakfast meal for me – Bev doesn’t usually eat much breakfast – and I started with the crawfish. 

Before cooking I prepped everything and tried several methods to clean the tails.  I first tried cutting the soft underside of the tail with scissors, then cutting the entire tail in half with kitchen shears, and decided cutting them in half with the chef’s knife worked best – all lengthwise.

I got some onions, peppers, and potatoes sautéing in olive oil then added some of the leftover corn and green onion. 

When the potato mixture was nearly done, I added the crawfish and then two eggs beaten with a little half and half and just a little salt and scrambled it all together.  I served it with buttered marbled rye toast and chunked cantaloupe with blueberries.

It was very good and had plenty of flavor left from the crawfish boil.

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  1. You need to have an entire breakfast blog!

  2. You deserved a little profit from the weekend hosting duties!

  3. I think you turned the leftovers into something even MORE delicious! Yum.

  4. Well, you didn't need Ina to come in at all.

  5. Just prepping the leftovers so you would have them for the breakfast was WORK! I am like Bev,I don't eat a big breakfast...looks like a treat!

  6. Oh! I am drooling over that huge pile of shrimp left over. Jealous... This sounds like a perfect breakfast!

  7. This sounds like a yummy use of leftovers.

  8. I'm with Pam... you should have a breakfast blog... or a blog on how to make breakfasts from leftovers! They always look sooooo good!!

  9. So sorry we missed that party.. I know if was LOADS of fun... Your breakfast looks and sounds delicious...

  10. I so want to cook good breakfasts like you do Larry! With my kids home this summer there should be no excuses for me at all.

  11. Larry, When it comes to breakfast, you are just fearless!! I'll stick to sausage, roast beef, bacon, corned beef hash, Spam, etc. with my eggs. Respectfully yours, Big Daddy Dave

  12. I knew you would turn them into something delicious Larry. I agree with Pam. You should have a breakfast blog.

  13. By "plenty of flavor" you mean it had a lot of kick! In a good way of course.


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