Monday, June 25, 2012

Corned beef Hash From Nueske’s

When the two Hoffer families stayed with us for the blogger party, I served some homemade scrapple for breakfast and Stu asked if we liked corned beef hash, which we do a lot.  He told us about a brand he buys and said he would send us some.  A package recently arrived containing two rolls of Nueske’s Gourmet Corned Beef Hash, and this post will feature it along with bread from the Smoky Mountain Bakery in Roan Mountain, TN.

What better way to begin Father’s Day than a meal of corned beef hash, poached eggs, and toasted rye bread, so Bev whipped it up for me.

And what better way to start the next day than a repeat performance only with fried eggs, sourdough toast, and fresh picked blueberries.

And a threepeat - after browning a little, I flipped the hash and made a well for the egg, then cooked over low heat with a lid.  I took the shot in the pan as I was confident it would not slide from the pan intact.

But it did okay.

For those of your who don't derive the enjoyment that I do from the site of runny egg yolk oozing over the hash, I cooked this one. and sided it with a slice of chipotle cheddar bread.

And finally, I opted for no toast and cooked more of the hash instead which will finish off the chub, when Bev eats what I left her.  I topped it with sunny-side-up eggs.
With a little effort, I believe I could replicate the Nuekse's plating shot below, but I'm just too lazy.

The hash was delicious and tasted just like Bev's homemade from fresh corned beef and it's hard to beat the convenience of slicing some off the roll.  If you buy some, I found it unnecessary to add salt to either the hash or the eggs. Trust me when I say the above photos represent some very good eats. Thanks Stu & Sandy and Sam & Meakin.

I also enjoyed the various gourmet breads that Bev bought at the Smoky Mountain Bakery during our trip to Roan Mountain - separate post about it coming soon.

All photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South.

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  1. Well goodness, it appears you put that hash to work. It all looks delicious Larry. It's been sinfully too long since I've cooked a good weekend breakfast. I feel guilty, like I've let the Breakfasthood down. :)

  2. And look at how many meals you got out of that convenient little pack! For some reason I'm craving corned beef hash and eggs right about now!!!

  3. I just ate and now I'm drooling again! I haven't had hash in years but won't be able to get it out of my mind now. Can't wait for the bread post too - yum!

  4. Larry, Those are some great looking breakfasts! It makes me regret the cinnamon roll that I had for breakfast this morning. That hash looks really good...with the yoke running through a little Tabasco! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  5. Love all these variations. I often reflect that I could do much better with photography, but I give myself less than a 5 minute limit with most shots. Heck, to be perfectly honest, 1-2 minutes is much more honest. I'm just not that patient. As long as it looks good enough to make again, I'm quite happy.

    Seeing how I always drool over your awesome egg shots, I think your photos are great. That is the mark of success in my book.

  6. My husband would love to be right there with you in the morning. You cooked his favorite meal right down to the runny eggs.

  7. So glad you enjoyed the corn beef hash. It's one of Meakin and Stuart's favorites. I'm impressed Bev makes it for you.

  8. I can eat corned beef hash any day of the week. I will have to look for that brand as we do have their bacon here which is very good.


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