Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Enchilada’s Several Ways

The new header photo, courtesy of Meakin Hoffer, is Madison and Bodie chilling out at the blogger party.  

We have a new house cleaner who is a young Mexican lady as the adjoining Monroe County has a fairly large Hispanic population, many of whom work at the nearby Monterrey Mushroom plant.  Maria helps support her family by making and selling Mexican food and being one of our favorites, we were anxious to try our first sample of various meat burritos.

We really enjoyed her burritos, so the next week, we asked if she could make us a pan of chicken enchiladas and gave her a pan to make them in.  I was expecting a single layer of enchiladas in the pan covered with sauce and cheese and ready to bake, but what we got was a pan FULL of them and another with the toppings. 

Everything was already cooked and ready to be assembled and heated in the microwave, per her suggestion.  Her standard process is to heat the enchiladas and potatoes and carrots, then top with lettuce, tomato and cheese.  For our first version we just topped them with some cheese and salsa and nuked to warm.

Version two was as Maria did them except we topped the enchiladas with pepper-jack cheese and salsa before nuking and I reheated the potatoes and carrots in a pan with a little olive oil then we topped with lettuce, tomato, and cheese.

We then asked if she made sauces and she brought us a quart each of red chile sauce and salsa verde.  We decided to try both and added red to one and green to the other along with cheddar cheese prior to nuking.

I’m glad she brought the whole pan full as we ate them a lot rather than cook as we got ready for our wine group and the blogger party. They were delicious and we’ll be ordering another pan full soon plus trying some of her other offerings.  The red chile sauce was very good but a little warm, so we went easy on it, and the salsa verde was outstanding.  Stay tuned for a couple of breakfast meals - of course.

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5/18/2013 - 5/25/13 meal dates


  1. What a beautiful young woman, Larry. If your enchiladas are as tasty as they are tempting, you have a real winner on your hands. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  2. Madison looks wonderful in the header! Great choice of pictures!
    And I love what you did with the enchiladas! Different ways to enjoy such a wonderful dish!

  3. I love the photo of Madison! I love those gorgeous eyes. I looks like Maria is a great cook! The enchiladas look delicious in all of their variations.

  4. Love your new header photo, Larry. Madison is such a lovely girl and Bodie is darn cute too. Those homemade enchiladas look so delicious. How lucky you are to get them! A Hispanic friend of mine brings me tamales from time to time and I always look forward to them.

  5. What a beautiful photo of Madison!

    I would love for someone to bring me a whole pan of enchiladas - you are a lucky man!!!

  6. That is neat that you have a Mexican helper and friend... When I lived near Houston, one of the janitors at the church where I worked was a Mexican. He shared all kinds of wonderful Mexican foods to us through the years. I love Mexican food and really struggled when I moved to TN since it's hard to get the 'real' thing here. Glad you have a good source. Looks delicious.


  7. Lucky you, finding a house cleaner who can and will cook something special for you! And that's a great picture of Madison; you ought to frame that for her parents. Hope the blogger party was as good as that picture.

  8. The culinary planets rotate around you Larry! Only you could find a housekeeper that would bring you enchiladas. I love the idea of the carrots, potatoes, and lettuce. Something so authentic about that. I fully expect to see an egg involved at some point. Fabulous header photo. Madison is stunning and that little Brody so content in her arms. Love the look on his face.

  9. Larry, Finding a good housekeeper who can also provide top notch genuine Mexican food is a double win! Sounds like cooking will be simplified this summer...with a bunch of pre-prepared meals! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  10. Really lucky guy - a good housekeeper and a wonderful cook. That looks amazing!

  11. Good find Larry. She sounds like a winner.

  12. I haven't had dinner yet tonight since Alexis works until 9 and these pictures are KILLING ME!!!! I love enchiladas and salsa verde makes it even more tempting.


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