Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Elvira's Cafe

During our RV trip to the Pigeon Forge area, we wanted to try a restaurant we'd heard about called Elvira's, which had great reviews on Urban Spoon, Trip Advisor, and Yelp. While the address is Sevierville, it's located at the far southwestern end of Wear's Valley on US-321 and is closer to Townsend (about a mile from the Blount County line) than Pigeon Forge.

As I was taking some inside shots a young lady walked over, introduced herself in a slight Russian accent as Elvira and inquired about the shots. After I told her about my blog, she told me all about the 5 month old restaurant, a little about herself, and her commitment to making everything possible from scratch - how hard is it to mix up a batch of pancake batter from scratch rather using a mix, was one of her examples.  

They have an open cooking area and you can watch your meal being prepared if you like - or just stare at a pan of fresh biscuits.

Seating is available in the cooking area, the dining room, and maybe a porch area.  The restaurant had a very pleasant ambiance, was uncrowded, and decorated for the area.  Both Elvira and her staff were very friendly and helpful - note the big smile on the chefs face.

We arrived about 10:30am and had the option of breakfast or lunch and Bev went the lunch Fried Chicken Crepe, perhaps made with buckwheat flour.

Pat opted for the breakfast Peaches & Pears Crepe.

And it was a no brainier for the breakfast food lover - two eggs over easy, potatoes, sausage, biscuit, and sausage gravy.  Pictured as served and ready to dig in.

The ladies both loved theirs and the only suggestion would be to get the sauce on the side as while it was delicious, it was pretty sweet. The only suggestion I'd make is eat there as often as you can. The biscuit was as good as it looked and obviously made from scratch, the gravy was just the way I make it at home with lots of sausage (locally made Swaggerty's), the eggs were perfectly cooked, and the potatoes crispy ( they may have been oven roasted wedges).

And as a bonus, their desserts were being delivered by the local couple who make them and we got a piece of coconut cream pie to go - it was awesome. And for another bonus, the dessert guy was a retired lifetime chef who gave me the secrets to his best-in-the-world biscuits - I feel a blog post coming on.

Elvira doesn't yet have a website, but info can be gotten from her Facebook page or one of the raters mentioned above. We will definitely make the hour drive from home to eat at Elvira's.  I hope they are prepared for the impending tourist season because I can imagine how busy they will be as word gets around.

Elvira's Cafe, 4143 Wears Valley Road, Sevierville, TN, (865) 366-2263.  Open for breakfast and lunch, Mon.-Sat., 7am - 2:30pm.

Photos best if enlarged by clicking on them.

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5/13//13 meal date


  1. Sounds like a great breakfast spot!

  2. Can't wait to see your take on the biscuits!

  3. That's some breakfast/lunch. The sign for early-risers and free wifi appeals to me as a traveler.

  4. I'm with Pam.. I can't wait to see what the secrets are to the world's best biscuits!!

  5. Larry, Laurie read this blog this morning before I did and she's ready to head for Elvira's! As you know, we love the good old standard breakfast and one missing link for us in this area is decent sausage gravy for the biscuits. The photo of Elvira's sausage gravy looks perfect...just what we're looking for! Thanks for the breakfast tip and Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  6. ok Mr. you just hand that plate of eggs and biscuits right on over to me. Looks fabulous. And with a sign that reads "farm fresh food, free wi-fi, early risers welcome" ... this is my kind of place.

  7. I am jones'ing (sp?) for a biscuit now! What a great review and can't wait for the biscuit tip - you'll have to post it now or I pester you to death for the inside info!

  8. Sounds like a great place, Larry. We'll have to check it out sometime. Hope Elvira does WELL --and from what you said, it sounds like she will.


  9. I think staring at a pan of biscuits just about says it all.

  10. Going on our "try this place" list for local weekend drives...except not on Sunday.

  11. It must be so much fun traveling in your beautiful new RV. I've always wanted to see the country that way. I'm not a biscuit and gravy person but your breakfast would really tempt me.


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