Sunday, May 19, 2013

Maiden RV Voyage

After a couple of false starts and a trip back to the dealership for repairs, we finally made the maiden voyage in the new RV. Since Madison was negative about RVing and we didn't know how the coach would do, we elected to go to the Pigeon Forge area where their were plenty of teenage girl things to do and it was less than two hour from home. Bev and Pat come up here often to shop at Tanger Outlet (about a half mile away) so this was perfect for all of the females.

We stayed at a very nice campground on the Little Pigeon River called River Plantation RV Resort and it was hard to believe such a serene place could exist in the midst of the throngs of businesses and cars just up the hill (I caught it at a low traffic time).

We had a nice back-in spot on the river with lots of room in back for the pups to romp.

As is often the case, we decided to stay an extra day, but had to move two sites down - gave us another opportunity to practice.  These shots are up and down the park taken early in the week and they were nearly all occupied when we left Friday morning.

While in the area, we looked at several campgrounds and talked with others who are regulars to the area and all agree that this is the best spot - for example, it was nicer than the Pigeon Forge KOA and and at half the price.  If camping up this way again, it will definitely be our first choice.

Photos best if enlarged by clicking on them.

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  1. That does look like a nice place. Hurrah for a successful maiden voyage.

  2. Great to hear your maiden voyage went well. Hope Madison will take to traveling. There's so much to see out there to see, especially at her age.

  3. Larry, Sounds like your first test trip in the new RV turned out pretty well! Madison should have had plenty to do as well...and I'm sure that the puppies enjoyed the new smells and sights... Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  4. Sounds like you picked a PERFECT place, Larry. Your life certainly does change when there's a teenage gal in the family, doesn't it???? BUT--since you all enjoy shopping and found such a nice campground, I guess the trip was lots of fun for everyone though. When is your next BIG trip?

  5. Looks like a great time! Glad the new RV measured up to expectations. It's so nice and the campground is beautiful! Enjoy!

  6. Madison is riding in style and should be happy any where you take her:) What a beautiful RV!! I found your link to the video of the inside- gorgeous! Congratulations Larry and Bev! Where to next?

  7. Looks like a great campground. Pigeon Forge is perfect for teenagers - but don't ask me to go there especially during the busy season! Everybody loves it there and there's always something to do that will please everybody. I'm just being a grump! Glad the RV is doing well.

  8. What a courageous RV you have! I am very jealous. One day I will own one, too. I know it. It will be an Airstream so.

    1. I was typing gorgeous, don't know how the courageous got in there.

  9. Sounds better than the trip across Arkansas when you got your first RV, lol. That was an adventure.

  10. It sounds like everything went smooth for your test run. I know you will have a great time in your beautiful RV wherever you go.


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