Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Seafood Platter in Palm Coast

Our first morning in Palm Coast, we went down to Flagler Beach for breakfast and the Saturday Crafts Fair/ Farmers Market/ Fishing Tournament J

The others were more interested in the crafts but I went to the food area, especially after I saw the lady selling fresh fish – I bought shrimp, scallops, and cobia.  Then Bev & I went through the produce tent and picked up small potatoes, garlic, lemons, and salad ingredients – we stopped at Publix for a bottle on Newman’s Caesar Dressing for the salad and to marinate the cobia.

Our friends share the house with her brother and wife and they had lots stuff to cook with, but I still had to improvise a little with what they had on hand rather than buy what I might normally use.

I was talking with the guy at the fishing tournament tent who is a fishing guide and fish eater, so he gave me some cobia cooking suggestions. It got a two hour soak in the Caesar dressing then I topped it with a little S&P, garlic butter, onion & lemon slices, and fresh parsley - similar to the bluefish I cooked at home.  I wrapped it in foil and cooked over low heat, without flipping, until everything else was done – no meat thermometers were available, so I just guessed at cooking time.

I used Jenn’s method for the small potatoes – check "Jenn’s Food Journey" blog for her recipe and some great shots.  I tossed them in the on-hand salad oil and Italian spices, but put them directly on the grill grate to cook without marinating. I found the 3 minute nuke, per Jenn's recipe, was perfect for the size potatoes I had.

The scallops just got S&P and garlic/ lemon butter (lemon added after the cobia got some garlic butter).  I should have started with oil on them rather butter as they stuck a little.

The shrimp went on the grill last over high heat, and had been lightly sprinkled with Old Bay and then got a heavy coating of the lemon/garlic/butter and were flipped twice with more butter added to create the flame necessary for the charring.  Since I had no basting brush and spooned it on, I had plenty of flame so the shrimp came off pretty quick - I was a little surprised the fire department didn't show up J .

I plated everything, drizzled with a little more of the butter mixture and we dug in.

Other than the scallops sticking, everything was just right and we all thought it was delicious.  The cobia was perfect (blind hog finds an acorn theory) as it was flaky but still moist with a light sheen on the inside.  I’d never eaten it but it was mild enough for Bev and very tasty – I’ll look for it at the fish store at home from now on, at twice the price of course.

My fish-a-thon continues and I had a piece of cobia and a couple of shrimp for breakfast the next day – no eggs though for the second day in a row – no wonder I was cranky J

Photos best if enlarged by clicking on them.

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4/28/13 meal date


  1. Scrumptious looking platter of fish Larry. I don't think I've ever tasted cobia.

  2. Yum. I would never turn down a gorgeous platter of fish like that! I have never tried cobia either.

  3. Larry, That is one really great looking seafood feast! I too have never eaten cobia...maybe the next time we're in Florida... Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  4. Gorgeous plate, Larry!! Glad the potatoes worked out for you.. their so easy and so delicious and can be tossed with any sort of ingredients. I'm loving your fishathon!! Keep 'em comin'!!!

  5. Nice! What a fantastic looking seafood platter and those baby potatoes look amazing too.

  6. I've never heard of cobia. The feast looks really good Larry. And how wonderful to pick up fresh things at a market for dinner that night. I can only imagine how good everything tasted. I'll have to remember the Newman's dressing for my next seafood dinner. And LOL, I'm glad you're far far away in Florida if you're getting cranky over no eggs... just drink more to drown your sorrows.

  7. Larry - please oh please open a seafood restaurant or at least write a seafood cookbook! Your dishes always look so fresh and full of flavor. I want to go to the beach with you! My husband and Bev can come too.

  8. A guy's gotta have his eggs. Protein keeps everyone happy, I think. Nice looking meals despite the lack of eggs.

  9. There is a restaurant here in town that serves cobia as a special occasionally. What a great dinner and improvisation with things on hand!

    What, no eggs???

  10. Larry, you know Palm Coast is where we live in the Winter. Can't belief you were there. We go to Flagler Beach all of the time.


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