Friday, June 24, 2011

Leftover Salmon Scramble

Perhaps it’s because I’m more comfortable with egg dishes that it makes me more willing to experiment with them and so it was for this meal.  I considered other options, but since I had to get busy making sausage for our blogger party, I just went with a scramble centered around a piece of leftover salmon.
As with most of my egg dishes the first thing I got from the fridge was onion and I chopped one, ¼” thick slice and got it warming along with the chopped salmon in a little olive oil.
Very shortly after I put the salmon in the pan, Kittty showed up out of nowhere.
Next I rough chopped a fork full of capers, diced a slice of Smoked Gouda cheese, and fine chopped a little fresh dill.  When the salmon was warmed through, I stirred in the capers and cheese – it doesn’t melt well, so I add it before the eggs.
I added the dill, a little half & half, and a few shots of Tabasco to two eggs and beat it all together and poured into the pan.
Scrambled it until the eggs were done to my liking and plated – this is just a salad plate, but still enough that I didn’t side it with anything else.
It was delicious and the one thing I need to do differently is cook the onions by themselves for a while to remove more moisture as I ended up with it on the plate.  A nice dill sauce would have topped it off pretty well.

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Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South.

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  1. Another delicious egg dish, dear Larry.

    And of course Kitty turned up with salmon scents filling the air as soon as you got it out.

    What a pretty little grey and white cat - so small and slim compared to my darling rescue cat, Zebby - he is very long in his natural build, and is endeavouring to make himself almost as wide (currently about 7.5 kilos - 16.5 pounds!!!)

  2. Mmm gouda an dill are the perfect salmon accompaniments! This is one delicious scramble!

  3. I hope you shared with your pretty kitty!

  4. Funny how the cats always know where there is fish being handled :)
    Love your scrambles, Larry.. and this one sounds delicious!!!

  5. I always have onions (cooked good) in my scrambled eggs or omelet. Salmon sounds delicious in the mix.

  6. That looks awesome Larry!
    I love salmon! Our problem is
    that we never have any leftovers. ;) If I ever do then I will be sure and try your recipe.

  7. Kitty says, "heck yeah I'll take a salmon omelet!!!"

  8. I've never thought to use leftover salmon in an omelette - great idea! I'm sure the scent of the salmon was driving your cat nuts :)

  9. I had a cat who looked just like Kitty when I was about 7. His name was Boots. Not very original, but I was in second grade, after all!

  10. Larry, Kitty knows when to come to the table!! Did you share a little? Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  11. I haven't had breakfast yet so you know this got my stomach growling. My cat could be two blocks away and when I go to peel shrimp upon first break of a shell be on the kitchen counter in 2 seconds flat. Lil devils. :-)


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