Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How To Eat This Meal

I wasn’t going to post about this meal as it’s just a basic breakfast that all of you know how to prepare, but then it occurred to me that, while you may have eaten it many times, you may not know how to eat it properly – remember I’m the egg guy.  The dish is two sunny-side-up eggs with some Tabasco Jalapeno Sauce, two slices of bacon (Benton's of course), two slices of dry toast – use butter if you like.  
The main challenge in eating this meal is bite size control so that at the end, everything comes out even.  The goal is to get a bite of egg, toast, and bacon in each mouthful, so I’ve divided the meal in to two phases.
For phase one, allocate one piece of bacon and toast and the egg yolks.  Puncture the yolk slightly with your fork and gently dunk the toast into it being careful not to make it flow out onto the white.  You can keep the toast whole or break off a bite sized piece.  Put this bite into your mouth and bite off some bacon, chew all together, and swallow.  Repeat this process with both eggs until you have two egg whites with some harder yolk, and one piece each of toast and bacon.
Now it’s time to move into phase two which begins by cutting the remaining egg using a crosshatch cutting method, then mixing well to ensure even distribution of the remaining yolk.  Now merely take a bite each of egg, bacon, and toast but not chewing until they are all in your mouth.  Repeat this process until the egg is gone, making sure you still have one bite each of toast and bacon.  Use the last piece of toast to swirl around the plate and sop up any remaining egg then eat with the last bite of bacon.  Depending upon how messily you ate the egg, you may need to save two bites of toast and bacon for this final step.
This same process can be utilized with just one of each or two of any of them, but bite size control becomes more difficult, especially if you have two eggs and only one toast, which may be impossible unless the egg yolks are over cooked.

We can’t always take ourselves too seriously :-).

When we built our house Bev was one who liked long soaking baths and she made sure she got a big whirlpool tub in which to do it.  When the granddaughters come, they also like to take advantage of it and here's a shot from earlier in the week.

A while back Dave Myers (Big Daddy dave) sent me some pictures from Clark Little titled Waves Of Hawaii.  Not being into photography, I'd never heard of him but I'm absolutely impressed with these photos and thought you might be as well - check them out at this link.

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  1. It definitely always makes me super depressed when I have sunny side up eggs and not enough toast to sop up all that yolk! I like your eating strategy.

  2. I see a Precision Toast Team in our future, and of course with you the leader. :-)

  3. HA HA HA!!! I love this post, Larry. From the instructional how-to to the granddaughters in the tub!!

  4. LOL, I really got a chuckle out of your post today, Larry. I do the same thing: try to plan my meal so that it comes out even. I thought it was just me. I like a little bit of everything in a bite when I eat trail mix...it's not pretty.

  5. Fun post Larry... starting with that happy face plate!

  6. Larry, Your engineering background is very evident in your breakfast consumption process! Yikes...way too organized...and only 2 slices of bacon?! I'm into the sloppy method. Tabasco on the eggs, crosscut and intermingle. Eat a little egg and first slice of bacon. Soak buttery side of toast in yolk,load with bacon, fold & consume. Repeat until finished, interspersing with bites of egg. One of my favorite meals! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  7. It's nice that your breakfast is a happy face. You're never too old to have fun with your food.

    I have a whirlpool tub, too. I schedule 2 hours every Sunday night just for my tub time.

  8. I'm sure breakfast is going to taste a lot better now :-). I loved the photo of the girls in the tub. That is one for the memory books. Have a great evening. Blessings...Mary

  9. Haha when I saw this in my reader I was like, huh? What the heck? Still, here's my method with that meal, which by the way, I like my eggs with runny yolks too. I know that jeeves some folks out, but I've been eating them that way all my life. More than 2 slices of bacon is nice for this because I like to crumble some bacon on top of the eggs. Then I cut up the eggs and mix it all together and use the toast as a shovel. :) That's why some extra bacon is nice! There is one thing missing for me though. Well two. Butter on that toast. And grits. ;)

    The grands look like they were having a ball. Wish I'd of had a tub like that when I was their age! Heck, wish I had one like that now!

  10. Ha! Too funny.

    The wave pictures are incredible.


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