Monday, June 27, 2011

BBQ Burrito & Ice Cream

After the blogger party, we ended up with plenty of leftover BBQ and decided to start putting it to good use.  I had stripped the meat from Chris’ dino ribs (beef ribs) and we decided on a burrito for it.  Bev added a few tablespoons of the leftover brisket broth to the meat and warmed it slowly in a covered dish in the toaster oven.  When it was warm, it went onto the tortilla and was topped with some of Robyn’s leftover fire roasted salsa and shredded cheddar cheese.

Then I rolled it up, added some more cheese and diced onion and nuked it to melt the cheese.
Chris' beef coupled with Robyn's salsa made for a delicious burrito and the only thing I wish I’d had to add was some fresh cilantro.  You can tell I made this one as it's pretty bare - the next day Bev made one fro breakfast and it was her usual with lettuce and tomato and a fried egg drapped across everything.
A while back, Bev had found a Cuisine art ice cream maker at too good of a deal to pass up and since we rarely make large quantities, these machines are perfect for us.  Since two grandkids are here and she bought her first ever vanilla beans a few months ago, she whipped up a batch to have for dessert.
She put the ice cream maker part in the freezer and made the ice cream mixture that morning using the recipe from Cuisine art, but it was pretty much this one from Amateur Gourmet with a little different portions.  Her ingredients were:
2 ½ cups whole milk
2 ½ cups heavy cream
1 whole vanilla bean (about 6” in length)
3 large eggs
4 large egg yolks
1 ½ cups sugar
2 tsp pure vanilla extract

Both Bev and I grew up on homemade ice cream that was really ice milk, but this stuff was rich, decadent ice CREAM and I loved it.  Bev thought she liked the other version better, but I like them equally well.   Here’s a picture of my second bowl – it was dirty and it was even dirtier for bowl three. 

I used to work with a guy with a similar view of homemade ice cream to mine – for the rare times when you eat it, eat all you want.  Thirty years later, I still agree with him and three small bowls were just perfect. 
Our good news is that son Rhett is home several months early from a dangerous Afghanistan assignment to get ready for his new assignment as a battalion commander at Fort Bragg, NC.  We are very happy to have him back safe.  Our other son Eric has completed his move to the Baltimore area and they are getting their new home organized - we'll miss having them nearby.
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  1. My feelings exactly on the homemade ice cream Larry. Eat all you want when it's that good. It would be perfect after Robyn's fire roasted salsa. That was some hot stuff. I bet those two darling granddaughters ate a bowl of ice cream too.

    Great news about your sons. I see trips to Baltimore and Fort Bragg in your future.

  2. Ice cream is about the only dessert I eat on a regular basis. Plain vanilla for me. I love the egg/custard recipes and agree they're not the same as what we churned up when I was a kid. Aren't leftovers just the best after a big event? Good news that son is home from Afganistan.

  3. I was a bit concerned you were putting bbq on your ice cream when I read the title :) Now that I think about it though, would that be so bad?? hehehe
    The burrito sounds wonderful...
    I'm a huge fan of ice cream, so that looks amazing too!! I think I'm inviting myself to your house from now on for meals!

  4. Glad I'm not the only person that was picturing BBQ ala mode!

    And Larry, that is such great news about your son. It is a national tragedy that 10 years later, our best and brightest are still in harm's way. It's time to declare victory and leave (IMO). I have a nephew still there, only able to communicate once every couple of weeks before out on patrol again.

    Thank your son for us, and continued prayers for his comrades still serving.


  5. Sans the onions, I love the burrito! Great way to use up leftovers, and I agree, fresh cilantro wakes up any dish. :D

    Glad your son is home safe and sound! :D

  6. Larry & Bev... Great News about Rhett's return to the USA! FYI, I'm a sucker for good homemade ice cream! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  7. We have a very similar (probably previous model) Cuisinart ice cream maker and love that thing!

    So glad that Rhett is home. Enjoy your weekend!!!


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