Monday, June 20, 2011

Blogger Party 2011

As I write this, it’s 5:30am on Father’s Day and I just finished rubbing the pork ribs – they go on at 6am.  I made and smoked 10# of Texas style sausage Saturday and this is it hanging in the smoker almost done.

and the two briskets are chugging away in the Stumps smoker – I put them on last night and went to bed – I love my smoker.  This is the pre-cook shot.

We still have a few last minutes things to do to prep the dock and then I hope we’re ready for a fun day.

Chris Grove is coming down around 8:30 to get his beef ribs on the Klose smoker which I moved down to the lake for this event.  This is the set up we’re using for Chris to prep and cook his stuff and for serving the meat.  The dock is down to the right.
When I got down to the dock around 7am, to fire up the smoker, this guy was sitting on the dock next door.  He was so still, he could have been a statue.

The dock and Sweetie are all ready for the big day.
Here are the finished ribs (6 slabs for a customer and 2 for the party) and a brisket just prior to adding beef broth and covering with foil to finish cooking.
Chris is on the job and has some good looking beef ribs underway and an easy up overhead, just in case.
It’s now Monday, late morning, and we’re still resting up before we head down to the lake and do a little cleaning up.  The party attendees were:

Chris & Alexis Grove (Nibble Me This) – Knoxville, Tn
Katherine & AJ Aucoin  (Smokey Mountain Café) – Seymour, Tn – Daughters Kaitlin & Lauren, and friend Courtney
Sam & Meakin Hofer (My Carolina Kitchen) – Andrews, NC
David & Laurie Myers (Big Daddy Dave’s) – Tellico Village, Tn
Ross & Rhonda Ramsey, Knoxville, Tn
Robyn Medlin Lindars (Grill Grrrl) – South Florida
Joe Howell (our good friend) – Louisville, Tn
Wende Doolittle (daughter) – Oak Ridge, Tn
Pat Whaley (Bevs sister) - Greenback, Tn, and two of our granddaughter, Reece and Riley from Fort Knox, Ky
Beverly & Larry Doolittle (Big Dudes Eclectic Ramblings) – Greenback, Tn
Dave and Jackie Scott from Kansas City had to cancel on Saturday as they had car trouble on the way here – bummer, and Elizabeth Spelling had cancelled earlier due to the illness of the friend who was coming with her.
We started the meal with fajita’s cooked up by Chris and Robin as part of a fajita cooking demonstration.  They cooked the meat and veggies and made a fire roasted salsa and they were delicious.  This is Chef Chris explaining the different meats and how to get them ready to accept seasoning, while his able assistant Robyn keeps him on track - and has a little sip of a refreshing libation of vodka and Fresca - I went yuck when she told me, but tried it anyway - I'm now thinking of buying some Fresca - already have the vodka.
These two can cook and it's easy to see why they’re part of the Kingsford grilling site.
I think this is long enough for today so please stop by again for a little more info including our overnight guests.  And by the way, it's now 5:09 pm and we're still resting up before heading down to the lake - I love retirement :-).
All photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.
Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South.


  1. It looks like you had nice weather - not too sunny in those pictures - and the lake looks inviting. Hope the 4-footed friends got plenty of pickins, too!

  2. sigh...

    pencil us in in DARK ink for next year

  3. I believe the statue is a Great Blue Heron. Love that Sweetie was stationed to be chief Food Blogger Greeter .. :-) I can't even imagine all the wonderful food that was enjoyed by all. Look forward to more about it.

  4. Larry and Bev, WOW, what a set-up you have for putting on a great BBQ event! I am so certain that everything must have been outstanding; especially those ribs! Maybe you should consider going on the BBQ circuit! The lake looks lovely and your guests must have had a wonderful time! Thanks for sharing a little bit of your TN heaven with us!

  5. Nice! And I learnt some new blogger party terms today too ;) Klose smoker and easy up overhead! Looks like your blogger event is growing Larry & a guest from NC, KY and FL, wow! What I wouldn't give to be the recipient of a rack of those amazing looking ribs. Do you ship?? :)

  6. What a wonderful gathering! All of those smoked and grilled meats look delicious.

  7. Hey Larry & Bev, We sure had a great time at the Blogger Party/Cook Out! Good food, good fun and good folks! After all that smoked meat/que, the desserts almost put me down for the count. Hope you two have recovered from a very long day/night! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave & Laurie

  8. Wonderful looking grilled meats! I hope everyone had a great time.

  9. We sure had a great time Larry. You and Bev (and Sweetie and the gang) are the perfect hosts - good food, good folks, and great setting there on the lake.

    I think you and Chris outdid yourselves this year with the authentic Texas menu. It was so nice that Robyn the Grill Grrrl could join the festivities. We're so stuffed we may not have to eat for a week!

    I have some cute pictures of your granddaughters I'll send along later. In the meantime, Meakin and I both want to thank you for including us.

    The Big Dude rocks!

  10. I love that so many of my favorites were all together on Father's day! Sounds like one swingin party!

  11. Looks and sounds like everyone had such a great time! I so wish I could have been there.. if for nothing else then to be around so many fantastic foodies :)

  12. Bev and Larry, Thank you for including us for a wonderful day on the lake. We enjoyed the company, the food, the instruction and the boat ride. It would be impossible to find finer food in this area; kudos to you and Chris on an awesome job!

  13. What a feast! Sounds like a great day with a very special group of friends.

  14. You really went all out to assure everyone had a good time. The food sounds amazing and I'm sure all who attended had a great time and went home with full bellies. I hope you can grab a day of rest for yourself now that the event is over. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  15. I sure wish I could have joined you guys... what a fun time with amazing food!

  16. LOL 5:09 and you're STILL resting?? Must've been a helluva party. :) My mouth is watering for those ribs . . my absolute favorite! The dock looks like so much fun and I loved the pictures. More, please!

  17. What a BBQ feast! What a wonderful get, friends, awesome location!

  18. This is such a wonderful idea, I shared this great post on my Wednesday links. thanks.

  19. Look forward to reading about your annual food blogger event. As always, it lots of fun.


  20. I am sad I missed it this year, but next year I am coming if I have to crawl the whole way!

  21. I am still totally worn out...or maybe it's all these storms, lol.

    Seriously, Alexis and I had a great time and I know Robyn did too!

  22. Larry,
    thanks again for the great hospitality. I had a great time meeting all of you! Pencil me in for next year as well! :)
    And, glad you are enjoying the vodka and fresca lol!!!

    Look forward to continue seeing your adventures!




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