Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Favorite Breakfast

I don’t know why or if it’s always been that way, but breakfast food is my clear favorite – bet you’d have never guessed.  I’m pretty sure I’ve posted this before, but thought I’d do a little rerun – especially since it’s such an easy meal.

I started by cutting off a slice of the homemade bread that neighbor Pat had given us the night before and topping it with sliced cheese – smoked Gouda in this case.  Then I put a tad of oil in the skillet and got it warming over low heat and started the cheese toast in the toaster oven – a four minute operation.

Then I diced up some tomato and mixed it up with some cottage cheese on my plate, adding S&P.  Next the egg went into the pan and I turned the heat up just a little and the toaster oven alarmed just as I was flipping the egg – I turned the fire off.  I retrieved the cheese toast and topped with the fried egg, added some raspberries and a sprig of parsley.  I’d say from the time I walked in the kitchen, I was ready for the photo in less than 10 minutes, so a good breakfast can be had, even on workday mornings – total clean up time without washing the pan was about 2 minutes.

I know I’ve also said this before, but I like the old time homemade cottage cheese, which for me was small curd and not too milky.  I’m a big fan of products from the local Mayfield’s Dairy, but their cottage cheese is more like milk with some big curds floating around in it.  I’ve found Breakstone’s (Kraft) to come closest to the homemade stuff, so it’s my current favorite.
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  1. Looks delicious Larry. We don't have that kind of cottage cheese here. We buy Horizon brand. I'm pretty picky about my cottage cheese too.

  2. I'd enjoy breakfast at your and Bev's house anytime Larry! I'm not real particular about cottage cheese because I love it, but I agree Breakstone's is a fine brand.

    Happy Father's Day too!!

  3. Looks great Larry, breakfat is one my favorites too. The homemade bread makes this an extra special treat.

  4. Once again, Larry, you've got a big thumb's up from me on your b-fast creation! Cottage cheese brand favorite? Hands down, without a shadow of a doubt, the best small curd old fashioned cottage cheese is made in and only available in Iowa from the Anderson-Erickson dairy. It is so d..... good that we take a cooler back to Iowa for every visit and drop it off to son in Chicago and daughter and her husband in Knoxville. Our son in law in Knoxville didn't care for cottage cheese until his addition to AE cottage cheese began. My parents are not allowed to visit without bringing a stash of it!

  5. Larry, This is a pretty looking breakfast...semi-healthy too! Got some fruit, a veggie, protein, fiber...dang! Laurie and I agree with you on the cottage cheese. Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  6. Great looking breakfast!

    Breakstone's is my favorite cottage cheese too.

  7. When you told me Sunday morning that you were so busy that you forgot to eat breakfast, I KNEW you were busy!


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