Monday, April 19, 2021

Florida Trip Days 6 & 7, East Point, FL

Four of our Tennessee Traveler friends were staying in Port St Joe and we decided we would like to see that area so we joined them on Tuesday at Krazy Fish Grille for lunch.  But before eating, we toured their campground – Presnell’s Bayside Marina & Resort and drove up to Mexico Beach. You may remember Mexico Beach as taking a direct hit from category five Hurricane Micheal in 2018 and it’s the only place I’ve been where most of the structures were brand new as rebuilding goes on.  There were only a few trees still standing in the pine forests that lined the road heading into town.  I see why it is popular as they have a nice beach.

The restaurant worked well as we ate outside and the pups were allowed to go with us.

I forgot the food porn but Pat and I had blackened grouper tacos and Bev had the blackened grouper sandwich.  All came with slaw and delicious homemade fries.  Mine looked just like this shot from the web.

So far, it’s been seafood every day in Florida – we can eat that other stuff at home.

On day seven, we drove out to St George Island for a look around and like Mexico Beach, most structures looked brand new or being rebuilt.  

We drove down to the east end of the island and into the St. George Island State Park and it’s nice to see a big part of the island protected from development.

The park has a nice beach and every so often there are bathrooms and picnic shelters.  

There was also a campground with water and power hook-ups.

After the drive, we dropped the dogs off at the coach and made the 13 mile drive to Carrabelle for a late lunch at The Fisherman’s Wife which is in an old house.

For our meals, the girls each had a fried shrimp basket which included 8 lightly breaded shrimp, fries, slaw, and cheese grits ($12.99) and I had the Fisherman’s Salad which was a nice salad topped with a piece of fish, shrimp, and bay scallops – all grilled ($13.99).

The girls enjoyed theirs and mine was very good and just what I was looking for.  We would all go back.

Since I like to cook, we don't usually eat out this much but I'm yielding to the girls desires (happy wife=happy life) so we have been eating a lite breakfast at the coach mid-morning then a mid-afternoon restaurant meal and finishing with an evening snack if we are still hungry.  This is working quite well for everyone.

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4/13-14/21 event dates


  1. Glad your wife is happy and I can see why! The seafood all looks awesome! Years ago we were fishing around Ft Lauderdale one day and caught a large grouper, the captain said they're not fit to eat and he'd take care of it for us. We'd never heard of the fish and believed him, that didn't happen again! Have a good rest of the trip!

  2. Larry, We've been to Mexico Beach and we've wondered how much it has recovered from the hurricane. Love all the fresh seafood down in the panhandle. Grouper sandwiches are hard to beat! Stay Safe and Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

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  4. I agree with Bev because I LOVE eating out in restaurants--especially since I'm the only one that cooks. :) Looks like you are having a fun & tasty time.

  5. Hi, I always enjoy following you all on your RV Trips.... I totally agree about eating the seafood....... IF I were in FL, that's definitely what I'd be eating also.....YUM!!!!!

    Enjoy every bite!!!!! I'm sure you will be taking lots of seafood home with you also!

    We are getting ready for another freeze tomorrow..... GADS..... I am so ready for some really warm weather.... It's been SO cool up here.


  6. We have enjoyed a few meals out recently but do enjoy homemade meals.

  7. When there is the availability of fresh seafood, it would be a shame to order a burger or such. Glad you are enjoying the trip so far.


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