Sunday, April 25, 2021

Florida Trip Days 12&13 (Morning) – McGuire’s & Joe Patti’s

For this day most of the group wet down to Pensacola Beach for a beach walk, shopping, and lunch but the dogs and I hung around the coach to watch the folks who came to wash and wax it – it was in real need.  They did an excellent job and it looks nearly like new and should be protected for many months.  

Look at the wheel difference.

Then we all went to McGuire’s Irish Pub for supper where we had our own room.

I was surprised that the menu only contained seven traditional Irish dishes and it was more like a steak and burger menu – goes to show they know what their customers want.  The place was huge and I got lost going to the men’s room.

The girls had a so-so Reuben sandwich and I had yellowfin tuna, cooked rare with a Caesar salad and baked potato and mine were all delicious - so far all of my restaurant meals have been seafood.  The group members I spoke with really enjoyed their meals.

Tuesday was the big day of the trip for me as we did the two things I came to Pensacola for.  The first was a visit to Joe Patti’s Seafood to stock up at wholesale prices.

For this first visit, we just bought 15 lbs of frozen royal red shrimp to see how much freezer space they would take then we will go back and load up with the other items.  The plan for the next trip is more shrimp, frozen oysters and sea scallops, and tuna and swordfish steaks which should fill our freezer.

Tune in tomorrow for the second thing I wanted to do.

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4/19-20/21 event dates


  1. Larry, It looks like you and your RV buddies are having a great time. I knew that you'd visit Joe Patti's Seafood! It is an amazing place. When we were there, all we could do is drool. Advantage: RV with freezer! Stay Safe and Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  2. Joe Patti's is incredible, what an assortment of seafood.

  3. If I were in Florida, I'd eat mostly seafood. Maybe a burger here and there. And that Joe Patti's! What a great place. Fill that freezer.

  4. Wow! That is a massive seafood place.


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