Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Florida Trip Day 3&4, East Point, FL

We got on the road from Pine Mountain, GA a little before 10am and drove the following route to East Point, FL – GA-18, I-185, US-27, FL-263, US-319, and US-98.  While US-27 is two-lane north of Columbus, GA, it was a nice four lane to the south.  While all of the road surfaces were drivable, like everywhere, they all needed, or soon will need, work.  US- 98 was the worst or them.  We left in the rain and drove in the rain, heavy at times, all day taking six hours to make the 260 mile trip.

We got to Coastline RV Resort at 4pm, still in the rain and with a brisk wind but the rain did quit while we were setting up in site 2, which faces the water and is great for trailers with the big back window and would have been perfect for us had it been a pull in site.

Since it rained hard until about noon on Saturday, we just rested up from our trip down, organized the coach some, and went to the grocery store – we left home with the least amount of food stuff ever and I think we have forgotten how to go RVing.

And for dinner, we went to the Family Coastal Restaurant about 3pm and elected to eat on the deck.

Even though Apalachicola Bay is still closed for oystering in an attempt to rebuild the fishery and the oysters you get here are mostly from Texas, I still wanted them for this meal.  I ordered fried oysters and fried green tomatoes, Bev had the oysters with onion rings, and Pat opted for grouper fingers and onion rings – all meals came with a trip to the pretty decent salad bar.

I made a good sized salad as I was expecting small portions but they provided more than enough of the seafood and sides and everything was pretty good but the tomatoes which were not very green and therefore not tart.  You can tell from the pics that they use the same breading on everything.  We would all go back but plan to try other restaurants first.

After our meal, we did this for awhile.

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  1. I give you alot of credit driving in this traffic also now. Florida has 2500 people a day moving here from Calif and NYC its crazy! the traffic which was nothing here is over powering the roads and no housing stays on the market for more than a few hours! I love that little set up you have. I tried to get a spot in Sanibel for RV parking 1 year in advance to save .. enjoy your journey I envy your travel and its well deserved after a long wait! Cant wait to see the foods!

  2. Driving in the rain is not fun so I'm glad you are settled and safe. Not an oyster fan but the onion rings look good. 😁😁

  3. Larry, Love the area around Eastpoint! Apalachicola is one of our favorite small towns. Good shopping for the ladies too. There is a decent restaurant on St. George Island...don't remember its name. In Apalachicola itself, we love the Owl Cafe but it is a bit fancy and pricy. A great and more casual choice is the Tap Room at the Owl Cafe. We also like the seafood at the Up the Creek Raw Bar. Have a great trip! We're envious! Stay Safe and Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  4. Looks like you found a pretty sweet spot with a awesome view of the water. Those onion rings look tasty!


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