Saturday, September 26, 2015

2015 Western Trip- Days 59 & 60 – The Special Part Of RVing

When we got into RVing, I thought it was because I wanted to see America but after four years I now find the best part of RVing is meeting Americans, especially bloggers and RVers and while in Denver we got to do a 3fer.

It began with our third visit with Bob and Lea Ann (Cooking On The Ranch) and included blogger Heather (Rocky Mountain Cooking) and LA’s goddaughter Stephanie at their new digs in Highlands Ranch for a casual dinner party.  All of these shots were taken by various phones and sent to me - my camera was in the car.

Our assignment was to make grilled Oysters Rockefeller and teach them how (including shucking) using our normal recipe.  Heather started the food with some prosciutto wrapped grilled shrimp.

Then it was oyster time and Stephanie was committed to learning how to get into an oyster – it only took her four tries – and then she ate her first raw one and decided it wasn’t half bad.

Ready for the grill after Stephanie added the topping.

On the flaming hot grill.

Even Remy appreciates good seafood and the other dogs pretty well cleaned out the shells.

We finished the meal off with Lea's pulled pork sliders and never got around to eating her delicious looking salad  - we brought some home and it was as good as it looked.  Be sure to stop by Lea Ann’s and Heather’s blogs for some good eats.

As always it was such a pleasure to spend time with this group and to be treated so special even though we’ve only been together three times over a four year period.  Bloggers are very special people.

The next day, we met Al and Ingrid (Live Laugh RV) for the first time for what turned out to be a four hour lunch at C.B. Potts and it was a pleasure to meet and connect with them.  We got to know each other on a deeper level, shared travel stories and backgrounds and laughed hard at their stories from when they were pilot and flight attendant.

They are full timer RVers traveling the nomadic lifestyle after careers in the airline and home building industries.  It’s funny how when you meet a blogger buddy that you have been following for a while it’s like you are already ole friends.  Did I mention that bloggers are very special people.   I really enjoy Ingrid’s blog and her great photography and to travel along with her and Al, stop by their blog (link above).

Thanks to all of you for sharing a piece of your lives with us and creating special memories that are never forgotten.

Photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South.


9/20 & 9/21/15 event dates


  1. Larry, I think you collect more friends than anyone I know. What a great evening - you and your traveling oyster knife. As always your Oysters Rockefeller look fabulous. I know they must have enjoyed them. I know we do.

  2. That is one of the best things about rving, and blogging, so many new place s and new faces to se along the road, and good food is always a bonus as well.

  3. Jim loves oysters - once again it's not for me. And meeting up with blogging and RVing friends is definitely one of the best parts of this lifestyle.

  4. Larry, Looks like good times with some really nice folks! You are the blog ambassador at large! Laurie would like a couple of those oysters! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  5. I really like that photo of Stephanie and Heather. And what a great time we had. I've been telling everyone who will listen about those oysters and your recipe. I'll be making them soon. However, I think I'll let the seafood counter shuck them. Unless Stephanie wants to come over and do it! So good to see everyone, including dogs. Thanks for making Denver one of your stops.

  6. Bloggers are very special people... still bummed I missed meeting you three!

    Those oysters look AMAZING. I need to try that recipe when my sister comes to visit. She loves oysters.

  7. I'm glad Stephanie didn't hurt herself shucking those oysters :) What a great time to visit those fellow bloggers and it's always fun to get to see their faces in a more natural setting. What fun!

  8. It was such a pleasure meeting you three and hanging out over an extended lunch. Thanks for the mention and safe travels back home.


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