Tuesday, September 8, 2015

2015 Western Trip – Day 32 & 33 – Wrapping Up Anacortes then Onward To Kamilche, WA

For our last day in the Anacortes area, the ladies had three choices – a trip to San Juan Island, a drive up into the cascades, or a day shopping in the tourist town of La Conner.  The decision was a no brainer for them as going on a scary ferry ride to visit some more of what we’ve been seeing let the Island out and the prospect of seeing some more smoky (from the fires) mountain scenery left the Cascade drive out, but I believe they would have picked shopping in La Conner anyway.

Before the shopping trip, we had breakfast in downtown Anacortes at the Calico Cupboard Café.

Pat had her usual French Toast, Bev had the Skagit Hash and I had the Smoked Salmon Benedict.  Bev said her sprouts could have cooked a little longer but otherwise we enjoyed our meals and would go there again.

The next day, we moved from Anacortes down to Kamilche (a wide spot in the road near Shelton) which was a short trip of 165 miles but it involved driving one of the busiest places in the country.  I came down I-5 to I-405 then to avoid more of I-5 until I had no choice, I ran WA-167 and WA-512 which got me past Tacoma.  Then we got back on I-5 and ran it for a few miles thru Olympia prior to exiting on to US-101 north to our destination.

The road surface was so-so and the traffic was heavy everywhere – there were actually lots of cars in the right lane riding at the speed limit or below – never see that at home (cars in the right lane or driving below the speed limit).  I don’t remember from which road, but we had a beautiful view of Mt. Rainier for several miles.

We pulled into the campground at Little Creek Casino Resort around 2pm and got set up.  This was a great find and the best place we stayed so far and at $29/day, it is also the cheapest – but we’ll likely make up for it at the casino.  Casino shots are from the web - the campground is just to the left in the first shot.

The casino/resort is first class and they even had a completely separate non-smoking section which we really liked.  Our RV spot was large and surrounded by lush grass and everything worked well - I would definitely recommend staying here.

This is a happening place and campground and the gravel parking lot for dry camping were both pretty full during the weekend we were there, including a couple of semi's.

Photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

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  1. More sights to see and places to get, we looking forward to hitting the road too, just a bit of a delay slowing us down.

  2. Wow, you guys sure eat well on the road. Your plate of eggs Benedict and home fries would fed a hungry crowd. Everyone's breakfast looks delicious. Don't spend all of our savings on parking at the casino :)

    Happy trails,

  3. Mmmm. The eggs benedict has me drooling. I've never been to the Little Creek Casino. It and the rv park both look nice. Hope you are still having a great time!


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