Wednesday, September 16, 2015

2015 Western Trip – Days 44 & 45 – FM & Brunch

After reading Cathy’s blog (Wives With Knives) over the years, I’ve always been impressed with her shots of the Saturday farmers market in Beaverton, OR and since the ladies love them, it was a must do.  This may be one of the best we’ve been to with row after row of goodies and virtually no crafts.

I took a few shots and bought some oysters and razor clams and the ladies bought a few things as well.

Obviously ole pros at the FM.

The market was everything I expected it to be based upon reading Cathy’s blog and the only negative was not getting to meet my blogger buddies there as Cathy had to leave town and Pam (For The Love Of Cooking) injured her back – hope I did not jinx them.

At the recommendation of Pete & Diana, we decided to try the Sunday buffet at Eola Hills Winery where $25 bought you the food and two glasses of wine.  

Since most of the food was cooked to order at their various stations, it was fresh and hot.  This was the menu:

Crepe Suzette Brunch for 9/6:
Crepes Suzette
Tuscan Roasted Tomatoes
Greek Salad
Seasoned Breakfast Ham
Country Roasted Potatoes
Homemade Sausage Gravy with bakers biscuits
Outstanding ocean fresh pan fried Oysters from Willapa Bay, Washington
Our Classic Eggs Benedict – traditional, seafood and vegetable
Create your own Personal Omelette with an array of over 20 items
Gourmet Crepe and Belgium Waffle station with a variety of tempting toppings
An assortment of Fresh Fruit and Vegetable platters
A tantalizing selection of Desserts and Pastries
Did we Mention this is ALL YOU CAN EAT!!!

As I had been smitten by the pan fried oysters during our other trip to the west coast many years ago, I opted to take advantage of those on the buffet so I ate one very good seafood benedict and 13 delicious pan fried oysters – three of them for dessert.  I can eat everything else they were serving someplace else - I was a full and happy camper when we left.

Trivia: - The number one US county for growing Christmas trees is in NC and the next four are in the Willamette Valley, making OR the largest Christmas tree producing state growing mostly Douglas and Noble Fir trees.

I was surprised at how well trimmed they were even when very small.

That about wraps up this stop - we didn't make it to the Columbia River Gorge and didn't taste as much wine as planned - as it turned out, Bev is not a big fan of Pinot Noir (not full bodied enough), but we really enjoyed the area and I could have stayed longer.

Photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South.


9/5 & 9/6/15 event date


  1. My gosh, the Beaverton Market certainly lived up to my expectations. I've seen so many photos from Cathy's blog, I've always wanted to visit it too. Sorry you missed Cathy and Pam. I know they're disappointed they didn't get to see you guys either.

    1. Tell Bev I'll drink her Pinot Noir :) The bolder reds are too heavy for me.

    2. Sam, we love the Pinots_ the best around. :)

  2. Nothing like a real good farmers market to wander about.

  3. Larry, Beautiful farmers market, that's for sure! Along with that Sunday buffet, we'll have 2 other things to do when we head west again... Too bad you didn't have a chance to drive the Columbia Gorge. The drive along the old scenic road is quite beautiful. Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  4. As Big Daddy Dave says, too bad you missed the Gorge_ absolutely breathtaking. But then I understand wanting to turn back toward the east_a long ride ahead but yet an adventure. Wish we could have been with you at Eola Hills_ you and I coulda cleaned em out of those oysters. :)

  5. That's one great market! We just came back from MI and I thought there's were pretty great too. Crepes Suzette, yum!

  6. I know where I want to go for brunch now... Eola Hills Winery! I would have eaten the fried oysters too. YUM.

    So glad you loved our farmer's market... I think it's pretty great too. I so wish I could have met you guys. You definitely didn't jinx me! Thankfully my back is feeling better and I wasn't out for 6 weeks again!!

  7. Christmas tree farms always look impressive! That's quite a farmer's market; I"m glad you were able to score oysters. My daughter's wedding rehearsal dinner is at a local winery here; it should be interesting.

  8. Look at all those beautiful Christmas trees - very cool. Sounds like a wonderful buffet - wine included :)


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