Saturday, September 12, 2015

2015 Western Trip – Day 39 – Let’s head to Oregon

It was a nice little 3-4 hour drive down to McMinnville, OR traveling most of the way on the very busy I-5 – it must be the only north-south road in the far west.  I-5 through Portland was a nightmare road with tight turns and unusual exits - the person who decided to run the road through town and then designed it like that had to be crazy, drunk, or both.  We got off I-5 on to OR-99W just south of Portland and almost immediately began seeing blue and white signs pointing to wineries – one of the reasons we’re there.

We pulled into Olde Stone Village RV Park in early afternoon, got set up and relaxed – this is now the best place we’ve stayed so far and the rates are surprisingly reasonable. 

This is our spot and I really like having the concrete for parking the car and for the patio – really keeps the dogs (and us) from tracking so much debris into the coach and we have a large field behind us which is perfect for the pups to romp in.

After a day here, I was even more pleased as everything worked well including their WiFi, which is unusual.  I doubt we'll make back out this far, but I would certainly stay here again.

As it turns out, we are right beside the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum, which is a big draw in this area but I’d never heard of it.  We didn't visit it while here as I didn't think my knees would let me get much benefit from the $25 cost - it’s a large area encompassing three big hanger buildings – the one with the plane on top is really a water park with slides coming out of the plane.  I’m sure Dave and Laurie would be all over this place.

The museum contains Howard Hughes' famous Spruce Goose - a huge seaplane made from wood.

You may have noticed that I started posting everyday as the blog is getting too far behind reality.

Photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South.


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  1. Another nice area but $25.00for the museum seems at bit pricey.

  2. Meakin would love that museum too and I would really enjoy seeing the Spruce Goose. Old Stone Village - I love the name and the spots are great too.

  3. Larry, You are right of course! Laurie and I would have been all over that museum with blog postings to follow... I was unaware of the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum although I was familiar with Evergreen International Aviation. It was based in the same town and its founder was the father of Capt. Michael King Smith, who had dreamed of such a museum and who founded it. The cost may seem high but the good news is that no government funds are involved in this private enterprise! Maintaining aircraft and a giant facility is very expensive... Just think the Biltmore Estate in NC and how much it costs to visit that premier attraction. Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  4. I do love Oregon! So sad that we cannot meet up on your trip to the west coast. "Old Stone Village" sounds as though it is out of Dickens! Would love to pass through there and stop at the museum.

  5. Catching up on your travels Larry. That is a nice site. I always hate the debris that is drug into our little pop-up camper. Hope to take it out soon as our water is making a change for the better! Cool evenings - perfect for camping and football.

  6. The Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum is very interesting but HUGE... it would have killed your knees to get through all of it. My kids love the water park right next door to the main museum. I am glad you liked your rv spot. We never camp in that area because it's so close to home.


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