Thursday, May 24, 2012

Duesenberg’s in Catonsville, Md. and Give Away Winners

During our visit with Eric, Ann and the grandkids, Bev wanted to go out for breakfast and went on line to search out a spot – a local hole-in-the-wall type place.  What she came up with was Duesenburg’s – An All American Café & Grill, located in Catonsville, Md. and a short drive from the kid’s home – she may have wanted to go there since her maiden name is Caton. 

Ann had to work so the rest of us gave it a try.  It is small with seating inside and out and since we got there mid-morning on Friday, there was no wait.

The kids had basic meals (omelet and waffle), but the rest of us tried one of their more exotic breakfast meals, they serve the entire menu for both lunch and dinner and have some interesting items – please check it out.

Bev went with the South Sider … $8.95.  Fried green tomato, Applewood smoked bacon, poached egg and caramelized onion topped with Hollandaise sauce.

Eric had the Pimlico Hotel … $12.95.  Poached eggs and grilled salmon on English muffin with Hollandaise sauce, chive sour cream and caviar.

I had the Bixler Lake … $7.95.  Two flash fried catfish filets, two eggs any style served with home fries, toast and jelly.

While a little pricy, the portions were huge and we all thought our meals were very good.  We liked them so well, we went back the next day so Ann could try it.  She had the Applegate Omelet…turkey, brie, green apples and applewood smoked bacon and Eric had the Popeye Omelet baby wilted spinach, mushrooms and feta cheese.  They both said they were just okay.

Bev when the Reuben … $9.45.  Sauerkraut, melted Swiss cheese and 1000 Island Dressing on grilled rye bread with choice of corned beef, pastrami, brisket or natural turkey breast.

She and I both thought it was excellent and I had the Cream Chipped Beef On Toast (SOL) with home fries, which was only on some of the menus. 

The guy beside us had it the day before and it looked to good not to try and it was very good.  I wish we had a place like that around here as I would go out to eat more often and it was a great way to get ready for the RR Museum tour.

To select the chili powder winners, I gave each comment a number in order of receipt (1-66) and used the random number generator to select three numbers which were 62, 4, 6. The winners are:

62 - Penny at Lake Lure Cottage Kitchen
4 - Lea Ann at Highlands ranch Foodie
6 - Drick Perry at Drick's Rambling Cafe

Congratulations to the winners and thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. Please email me your mailing address and I'll make and send the powder as soon as I recover from Sunday's Blogger Party J

All photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South.

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5/18 & 5/19/12  meal dates


  1. Breakfast of champions? I'm thinking YES.

  2. Catfish and poached eggs????? That's sounds so interesting that I probably would have ordered it. However, I think Bev's breakfast sounds WONderful. And yipeeeeeee, I'm going to be making some chili. Thanks so much for the giveaway Larry! Look forward to trying your mix.

  3. Everyone's breakfasts look amazing! I would have a hard time deciding what to have!
    Congrats to your winners.. I'm so jealous!!! :)

  4. It looks like Bev made a great choice for breakfast. I would have chosen the Pimlico Hotel. Love their version of eggs benedict, but it all looks good.

  5. Why do you always have the best looking breakfast in the room??? Yum! I think you must have drove through my neck of the woods. That Reuben looks fantastic. Congratulations to the winners!

  6. Your killing me Larry. Chipped beef on toast is my VERY favorite breakfast and I only eat it once a year when I am in Idaho visiting my folks. Now I have a major craving for it! Bev's breakfast with the fried green tomatoes has me drooling too.

  7. It looks like you picked a winner of a restaurant. And speaking of winners, congratulations to those lucky enough to win your homemade chili powder.

  8. Wow, Larry. I am so happy I won. I will give you my address when we see you on Sunday. I am so excited to try your blend! I will even give you a month to get it to me as we will be gone the whole month of June. Looking forward to Sunday.

  9. SOL??? never heard of that, SOS yes... love catfish, eggs and grits, and the reuben looks great too, heck everything looks good, it's almost lunchtime...


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