Saturday, August 21, 2010

It’s Dog Bath Day

Late last year Alex’s (granddaughter who was living with us) little dog Bella was killed by a car and we decided to get her a replacement. She and Bev searched the sources and found a Yorkie/ Chihuahua mix that Alex liked and she named her Coco. As you know, Alex has moved back with her parents now that they are home from Korea and last weekend they came in with the plan to take their two dogs (Coco and Joker) home with them. As it turned out, Coco ended up staying with us, which was fine as we had grown attached to her and had mixed feelings about her leaving - so we still have three dogs and a cat.

Now for bath day – I get such a kick out of their post bath performance. After washing and towel drying, Bev let them in the house to prevent them from rolling in the dirt. They came bounding in and commenced to slide their ears along the carpet and towel we’d laid down. The odd part is they will do this when only their back is wet. Sweetie Pie has had many baths and hers only lasted a short while, but Coco, who has had just a couple of baths, rolled, flipped, slid, and scooted for a good five minutes. Here are some pics of them in action – a video would have been really funny. Coco beginning a roll - unfortunately for the pics, she chose the black rug.

Doing the ear sliding thing.

Another roll.

Sweetie was done before I got the camera.

She's down to a little tongue drying.

They sure bring a lot of fun and happiness to our lives and I don't regret for a minute the things we have to do to accomodate having them.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.



  1. Great pictures Larry. There's a phrase that comes to my mind - I can't remember it exactly, but it's something like this. "Anyone who has never tasted soap has never washed a dog."
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Amusing post, Larry. I love their antics after a bath. We have a new little adoptee in the house that I will probably mention in my next post. Can't wait to see how she takes to baths.

  3. Dogs are little angels sent from heaven. Can't imagine living without one. The after bath antics are indeed entertaining...crazy kids! Great post Larry.

  4. Yes--dogs are wonderful... They love us unconditionally... Cute pictures!!!! I had a dog for about 15 years and grieved her death for weeks...

    Have a great weekend.

  5. Cute! How about some pictures from give cat a bath day. Now, those would be intersting!!

  6. My pup does that too - he goes crazy after his bath! My big lab that just passed away recently, she never did that. Funny how different animals can be!!

  7. It's funny how your kid's and/or grandkid's dogs/pets end up being yours, isn't it. But it always ends up okay too.

    We are dog-sitting Brett's ex-girlfriend's dog this weekend while her parents move her to Belmont for college. How does that happen? ;)

  8. Pam has a good point!! I'd pay to watch you give the cat a bath...! Cat would win... Take Care, BDD


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