Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Day Trip And Delicious Sandwich

We made a little day trip to Cumberland Gap, Tn the other day, with some friends, for lunch at Webb’s County Kitchen (our second visit) and our son, Eric, daughter-in-law, Ann and granddaughter, Sophia, who live nearby, joined us as well. While there, we walked around town and I took this picture of the still turning water wheel for the old gristmill that is now a B&B. The owner is trying to find someone to help her turn the functioning wheel into electricity - I would think some green industry company or college professor would be all over this. The stream comes right down from the mountain just yards away so I assume it’s spring fed. It must be cold as the little pool in front of it is full of Rainbow Trout, a couple of which I wouldn’t have minded having for dinner.

We also went out to Rose Hill, Va., population 714, to a little Mennonite store and bakery, called Dutch Treats, for some sweet baked goodies, cheddar cheese, and we got a loaf of jalapeno bread, which I‘ve commented on in a previous posts. The bread had a mix of cheese and peppers rolled up inside as well as some peppers on the outside, giving it a nice heat level. They have an assortment of Amish/Mennonite goods (mostly from Pa. & Ohio Dutch country), but they do all of the baking on site.

We’ve been eating on the bread the past few days and since I was on my own for lunch, I decided to turn a couple of slices into a grilled cheese sandwich, which I’d been wanting for over a week. I stuck with a pretty basic sandwich – their bread and cheese, a little thin sliced red onion, and some Dukes mayo. I put butter on both sides and grilled with a lid on to make sure the cheese would melt. It was outstanding and satisfied my craving - it’s amazing how much enjoyment such a simple lunch can provide. I thought it also looked delicious, but unfortunately neither of the pictures turned out.

Finally, I had saved the drippings and some biscuits from a country ham and biscuit breakfast, over the weekend, for use as biscuits and red eye gravy. The last time I made the gravy, Bev complained that she didn't get to sample it. So yesterday morning I fried up the last couple of pieces of ham in the saved drippings, added 3/4 cup of coffee, and put it over the re-heated biscuits. Bev's chance for a taste resulted in the following: "the stuff looks awful and it tastes awful too, I can make better ham gravy than that." I guess it's not for everyone.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.



  1. Well, it least you tried Larry. About that cheese bread, David has a recipe for a jalepeno cheese bread that he used to make in the bread machine. If I find it, I will email it to you.

  2. I think you're going to have to make another one of those sandwiches to get a photo. It really sounds wonderful.

  3. I know what was wrong with your breakfast, Larry. You didn't plop an egg on top!!!! Bev would have loved it then... ha ha

    I grew up not too far from Rose Hill, VA. If you would have continued on that road (58 I think), you would have come into my hometown of Big Stone Gap... You all need to go there sometime and go to the outdoor drama, the Trail of the Lonesome Pine.

    Love that mountainous area around Cumberland Gap.

    Have a great day... We've had about 2 inches of rain the past 2 days---less than many folks around here. But--we are HAPPY for anything.

  4. What a cute water wheel! She needs a generator inside hooked to that wheel, and a converter to turn it into 120V power. She probably also needs a series of batteries to store the electricity. It's not a cheap process, sadly.

  5. Sounds like a fun trip-I'm with you on the trout swimming around. I love a good trout dinner!
    I have a terrible time photographing sandwiches. but your grilled cheese sounds delicious Larry.
    I haven't ever had red-eye gravy, so can't really comment on the flavor.Too bad Bev didn't like it! :)

  6. You are cracking us up. Today Brett accused Alexis of trying to make us Amish because she brought home more Amish butter from the market and is baking fresh bread.

    Sounds like a fun trip!


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