Thursday, August 26, 2010

Great Way To Start The Day & Grandkids

Let me get this straight, I have precooked bacon to warm up, homegrown tomatoes, Cabot Cheddar, and unrecalled eggs and you think I’m going to pass up the opportunity for a low kitchen mess BLT/egg sandwich for breakfast. Of course I am not - I didn't notice I had such an ugly piece of lettuce.

Eric and family came down for a Saturday visit to spend a little lake time before it gets too cold. It was a big day, the kids swam in the lake without being on a float or holding on to someone for the first time. This is Sophia, the daredevil in the family.

Matthew is much more conservative, so it took him a little while to get in the water alone.

But he did and he's finishing up his swim over to Mom.

We also pulled Ann and the kids on the innertube, but the rope broke and dumped them in the lake before I got a picture. Another first, both kids went under water and didn't bat an eye - Matthew was pretty pleased with himself, so a big step in the right direction. Since Eric's job is likely to keep them in the area and lake visits to Grandpop and Meme's will be a regular occurance, it's important we help them get comfortable with the water.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.



  1. I think it's time for a sleep over! I want some of your breakfasts!

  2. That was an exciting day for the kids. Swimming alone without holding on is a big deal.

    So is that sandwich. Homegrown tomatoes make everything better and thank goodness we still have eggs.

  3. What a great way to start a great day. BLT's are hands down my favorite sandwich. I've been known to throw on an egg every once in awhile.

  4. Great looking sandwich!! All my favorite Mayo and Tabasco! Yummm...

  5. Who cares if the lettuce is ugly? The sandwich looks wonderful anyway!

    Glad you're getting the little guys comfy in the water. It's sad that summer is winding down.

  6. That's a good-looking 'sammich' Larry.... Yum!!!

    And I know you are thrilled to have some of the kids/grands closer... I'm sure you cook them some of your delicious meals when they are there also...

    Have a great day on this fabulous Thursday.

  7. Your little guys look like they are having a great time in the water. A good swim and a dynamite sandwich...sounds like a perfect summer day.

  8. Matthew isn't being conservative, he's just seen the commercials for that new movie, Piranha 3D.

  9. I agree, you should get those kids swimming while they're little and fearless - great pics of this momentous occasion. The sandwich looks delicious, too. Love my BLT's - have you tried one with avocado? :)

  10. Happy blogiversary!

    This breakfast sandwich has me drooling.... I love egg sandwiches.

  11. We had a great time. Matthew keeps asking to go swimming!


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