Wednesday, September 2, 2015

2015 Western Trip – Days 28 & 29 – Anacortes

Due to the near total inability to walk due to my gout flare up, we spent the first couple of days hanging around the Anacortes area.  We drove through the local park and got a few shots but would you believe the wind shifted and was coming from the east bringing in the wildfire smoke – I thought it always blew off the ocean and we would be free of the smoke when we got over here.

These guys are laying against a home.

We also visited a local seafood market that was highly recommended - it's the garage attached to a home.

I bought a piece of halibut and a cooked and cleaned Dungeness crab.  I’ve never cooked halibut that I really liked as I thought it was always over-cooked, so I did this just as the fish monger described and pulled it at an internal temp of 135*.  It had varying degrees of doneness but some still had a sheen so I know it was not overcooked.  Conclusion:  I’m just not a fan of the flavor or the texture so this will be my last try – fortunately there are many other white fishes that I really like.

Now for the crab – I’ve heard them raved about from the west coasters for years and I had one that was freshly caught, freshly cooked, expertly cleaned and lightly chilled.  Bev tried it but didn’t care for it and Pat wouldn’t even try it so I ate half one day and the other the next.  Conclusion – best crab I ever ate.  Similar in technique to eating an east coast blue crab but much more bang for the effort buck and an incredible flavor.  I now see what all of the raving was about and will eat plenty more while here.

The next day, I finally gave in and went to the walk-in clinic where I was given a strong anti-inflammatory which gave me some welcomed relief by evening time – I’ll go the doctor the first day next time - OH WHAT A RELIEF IT WAS.  The ladies then spent the rest of the day shopping in Anacortes. 

These are from Cap Sante Park on the north end of town, with the first one being Cap Sante from the campground and the second is of town when the wind was blowing the smoke in from the east.  The others are after the wind shifted a few days later.  

This is the campground in the distance and a shot to the east with Mt. Baker.

Photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.  

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8/20-8/21/15 event date


  1. Larry, We love that entire area... Puget Sound is one of our favorite places and your photos inspire my travel itch! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  2. Looks beautiful Larry. Hope you are better. From what I've heard, gout is very, very painful. I agree about halibut. Don't like the taste or texture.

  3. Sounds like you enjoyed the crab, maybe I get to try it one day too.
    Nice the gout pain is lessoning.

  4. Good you got some relief for the gout, it could have totally bummed out your vacation..Now for that crab we live in the Pacific Northwest cannot get enough on the Oregon or Washington coasts at all..I hate Halibut but cod is wonderful and ling cod even better...Clams big clams are my favorite love them fried up just right we get them and freeze them or dig into them on the Washington or Oregon coasts..The sea is close but he wild fires has wrought so much damage and death in our lovely state 100 year drought..First day of school today in our school dister 9/2/15 and the kids say to me as they pass by to the high school it was tooooo hot and dry and this and that, labor day suppose to be cool and nice..Enjoy your vacation and enjoy the crab it is such a delicate yummy, also try to find a place that fries up the big clams, Geoducks or just the razor clams they are exceptional!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Meant to say Washington is in a 100 year drought, many homes burned and people died firefighters and citizens..It is horrible we came from Colorado in summer of 1978 never had the heat and fires like this past 2014 thru 2015 no rain, no snow, it has destroyed some wine places and the crops in eastern Washington..I pray for lots of rain and snow in the high elevations daily..The coast even got a lot of the fire wind stuff, big storm on Friday august 28, 2015 to boot! Enjoy your vacation and hope the gout keeps it ugly head away from yourself!

  6. What a great photo of that crab. I hope your gout continues to improve. They make a couple of different medicines that are especially designed for gout that should give you some relief if you decide to pursue it. I know it always helped the men in my family and most of them suffer with it from time to time.

  7. Isn't it the best crab! I can't believe the ladies didn't want to gobble it up - I guess more for you that way!

    So glad to hear you got some relief for your gout! I know it's so painful.


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