Monday, September 21, 2015

2015 Western Trip – Day 51 – A Day In Sisters

When I booked our stay in Sisters, I had done no research on what might be going on while we were there – I just knew I wanted to visit the area.  As it turned out, Sisters is almost entirely a tourist town with the main street consisting of mostly places to eat or shop and nearly all with front facades of an old west town.

There are events happening nearly year round with lots of them May thru Sep – click on this LINK and you’ll be amazed at the activity.  The weekend we were here there, the annual Sisters Folk Festival was going on consisting of 46 acts playing in 10 different venues – I hadn’t heard of any of them.  Happening at the same time was the Sisters Fall Street Festival, which was primarily and arts and crafts show and a fund raiser for Sisters High School.

But before the ladies headed out to the Street Festival and the pups and I settled in for an afternoon of college football, we began the day with one of my favorite camping activities – breakfast cooked outdoors.

The meal smelled and tasted delicious especially when cooked and eaten under the Oregon pines.

Since I go to bed early, I’ve decided I love being on the west coast on football Saturday  - the 6pm UT/OK game started at 3pm here and even the late games start by 8pm.  Unfortunately my cheering them on did not help the Vols and they managed to blow a 14 point lead in the 4th quarter and loose in OT.  I think they may have been out coached as Oklahoma figured out how to stop the Vols and score on them and the Vols did just the opposite.

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  1. Good looking breakfast Larry. Everything tastes better cooked outside.

  2. That was one thing I really had trouble with when we were back East - the fact that my TV shows always came on so late. Just can't handle that anymore. Gotta check out that wind website. I just want to make sure we're out of here before the snow gets any lower.

  3. So, you and Mark spend your Saturdays the same way (although he had to start late, due to playing in a high school game at 1). Looks like a great breakfast, and life is good when both you and the ladies can do what you want!

  4. What a great way to watch football, Larry. Even better way to make breakfast, I have to agree.


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