Friday, September 18, 2015

2015 Western Trip – Day 48 – Finally A Little Cooking in Sisters

After 46 days on the road and not visiting a beauty parlor, by looking at the exposed roots, I was shocked to discover the Bev and Pat both have white hair and that they actually color it red.  The focus for this day was getting that corrected but we began with a trip out for breakfast.

Sisters is hosting a huge Folk Music Festival this coming weekend so we decided we better do our in town things before it happens so we headed to the spot that received the best breakfast reviews – The Cottonwood Café.

This was not just your normal breakfast fare place and the food was pretty gourmet.  Bev had the Huevos Motuleño which was beautifully presented, but I took a terrible shot.  Pat had a non-photo worthy Monte Cristo and I had the daily special which was a scramble centered around the season’s first chanterelle mushrooms with some other goodies and I got a barely acceptable shot of it.

Bev’s and mine were excellent, but since Pat refused to put sweet stuff on hers, I’m guessing it was only okay.

The girls came home well coiffed and we finally did a little cooking – grilled pork steaks and corn for supper.  We’d never heard of a pork steak until introduced to them by friends David and Laurie and they are basically sliced up pork butt and popular in the St. Louis area.  This is Pat relaxing and making sure no one steals the picnic table.

Pork butt is often cooked a long time until very tender (ala pulled pork) but we opted to cook them like David showed us – hot and faster (to a 145* internal temp) giving them the texture more like a loin chop.  To go with them, we grilled some corn that Bev had picked up at a recent farmers market.  It was just shucked, oiled, grilled and served with butter.

Both the meat and the corn were cooked just right and it was a delicious meal cooked under the Oregon pines.  As we were sitting there after dinner sipping our glass of wine, Bev and I had the same thought – “Now why is it we don’t do this every night?”  Especially since we’ve always considered ourselves to be more campers than RVers.

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  1. Now thats and great looking supper. We love relaxing and cooking at home, not like pork and corn on the BBQ.

  2. I've never had a pork steak but want one now! It looks very juicy and the corn perfectly cooked. Happy travels with women that have beautiful hair!

  3. Larry, Nice looking little restaurant... As for the pork steaks, they look great and now I wish that I'd thawed out the trio of them that I just bought from Publix! The only difference between what you did and what we do is that we finish them off with a bit of BBQ sauce for a little more char. We do have one little problem though... Our grill is about kaput! We can't get a char on anything. Expensive replacement time. Take Care, Dave & Laurie

  4. The pork & corn look like a tasty meal. Your chanterelle scramble looks awesome!

  5. Two lovely ladies & a great dinner. Life is good.

  6. Great food, the corn looks awesome!

  7. That looks delicious. Hubby and I rarely go out to eat much preferring our home cooking.

  8. I've been following right along, just not taking the time to comment. I love to cook on the road. I'm confused about that piece of meat. Did you buy a steak? or is that a roast that's been cut after cooking?


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