Thursday, September 17, 2015

2015 Western Trip – Day 47 – Starting Back East To Sisters, OR

After seven fun and relaxing days in McMinnville, OR, and 46 days of heading west or south, we finally pointed the coach east and headed across the Cascades to Sisters, OR.  There were a couple of routes to choose from and we settled for OR-99W down to Salem then OR-22 and US-20 from Salem to Sisters.

It was a beautiful drive through and over the mountains, often following alongside a pretty stream but it was not necessarily a relaxing drive as there were plenty of 40 mph curves to negotiate – no big deal for an ole WV/TN mountain boy.  The road surface was in great condition with mostly new payment on the west side.

I knew there has been a drought in California, but didn't realize it extended into Oregon as well.  Here are shots (from the web) of Detroit Lake as it's supposed to look and a shot of the reality we saw.

We arrived at the Bend/Sisters Garden RV Park and were pleasantly surprised by what we found – very nice park and worthy of this serious tourist area and the $54/night rate.  Check-in was efficient and the folks were friendly and helpful.  After trying various parking positions, we were unable to use our satellite but we were able to move down two spots to one that worked.

The park is about four miles from Sisters toward Bend making it convenient to both locations and while we rarely use them, it seems to have plenty of amenities – here are some shots of the park.

I like that the entire grounds are either asphalt, grass or flowers with no bare dirt or gravel.  The two negatives we found were their electronics - the WiFi was pretty slow indicating insufficient band width for the number of users and with lot's of trees blocking most satellite signal paths, their cable only provides six local channels - I assume most of their guests are busy, outdoors folks and don't have time to sit around.  I would definitely stay here again.

Photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

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  1. Pretty scenery and a nice place to stay. Can't ask for more than that.....other than better WiFi :)

  2. Looks like a nice area to hang out for a bit , enjoy !

  3. Larry, That's a good looking RV park! As for the drought, it is a sad thing for sure. It stretches all the way up into western Washington state. Just looking at that reservoir is depressing. I can't imagine our lake all dried up! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  4. I am enjoying your visit to Oregon.

  5. That is a lovely camping park. Love the trees and it looks so clean. What a beautiful area.

  6. We have stayed in that RV resort and were very impressed with the setting... I loved the pond and my kids loved the pool. Sadly, we had the worst spot possible and people walked right through our site to get to the pool! It was frustrating.

    Isn't it sad to see Detroit Lake. We were shocked when we drove through that area a few months ago. It's usually such a beautiful lake! The fire damage is sad to see too.


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