Sunday, September 6, 2015

2015 Western Trip – Day 31 – Edison and Bow

While at the farmers market, the ladies learned that the little towns of Edison and Bow had some things of interest so we decided to go up there for a Sunday drive.  Edison is a very small town that has survived by morphing itself into a tourist location with a population of 133.  It consists of a few homes, several restaurants, a saloon, and several shops containing art and junk (my words) – one is even named The Lucky Dumpster. 

One of their claims to fame is local high school graduate and famous newscaster Edward R. Morrow.

This is the place that impressed me the most and reminded me of something you might find in Vermont - their home is to the right

We drove on up to Bow but found nothing there but homes but we did stop along the way at a Bow Hill Blueberries farm for some ice cream – the berries were all gone - this area has a lot of blueberry farms. 

The best stop of the trip was at this very small cheese making operation called Samish Bay Cheese, where the owners begin with milk from their own cows and make several cheeses.  We bought a small piece each of sharp cheddar, mild gouda, five year old gouda, and day old jalapeno fresh cheese and while they were expensive compared to those in the supermarket, they were very reasonable for this quality of Artisan cheeses.

They suggested we really needed to drive a little further north to Taylors Seafood so we did

I bought another cooked Dungeness Crab and a pound of shucked oysters for frying.  This is a shot of the folks who are eating on site and the oyster beds.

After leaving Edison, we drove down to La Conner and found a real tourist town but it was so crowded the ladies decided they would rather return on Monday in lieu of going to San Juan Island.  I think they were a little afraid of the ferry ride and La Conner looked like a place they would enjoy much more and that’s what's important.

When we got home I discovered that my pound of medium oysters contained only five (yes 5) as they were huge and I cut them into three pieces to fry.  

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  1. Looks like a nice, clean little town, especially for a small population. I would say you had a very successful day.

  2. What a fun day, love the small villages.

  3. I love aged Gouda. I wonder were they are getting Dungeness crab from? It is out of season down our way. Nothing beats cooking a live Dungeness crab. That is a treat in our house.

  4. What fun!! Trips like yours make great memories.

  5. I always enjoy peeking into your travels, Larry. Although, I did jaw drop at the thought of a pound of oysters only equaling FIVE oysters. That's crazy. They must have been enormous!

  6. What a great "find" for a side trip. I would have loved every place you visited.

  7. Lovely adventure and love the seafood! My husband is a big fan of Morrow - having been a journalist for many years. I can't imagine living in such a small town - but I bet it is very peaceful. Happy travels!


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