Thursday, May 3, 2012

Our Little Trip To Paradise – Motor Yacht Parade

In my first post about our trip to St. Maarten, I mentioned the boat parade that passed right past the condo several times a day when they open the draw-bridge between the lagoon and open waters. I’ve broken them into motor and sailing boats that I took throughout our trip and here are the motor yachts.  I arranged them by length beginning with the shortest of the really big yachts. 

I did a little looking online and had trouble finding the owners but most of them are available for charter at some place in the world during the year.  Sorry some are a little dark and best to click on them and see the people to appreciate their size.

Mambo – 101’ x 21’, 10 guests, 5 crew

Gladiator – 107’ x 23’, 8 guests, 6 crew

Domino – 111 x 24, 8 guests, 5 crew

Suakin – 121’ x 27’  , 8 guests, 6 crew

Winning Drive – 130’ x 26’, 10 guests, 7 crew, owned by WINNING WAY LLC

Resolute – 130’ x 26’, 10 guests, 7 crew, owned by David Johnson, Chairman of Victor International Corporation, is a global entrepreneur and successful luxury community developer.

Odessa – 160 ft, crew of 10, rents for $240,000/wk

Lady Ann Magee – 163’ x 31’, 14 guests, 12 crew, 6 gal/mi, for sale at 16.5 million Euros

Happy Days – 164’ x 34’. 7500 square feet of living area, 14 guests, 12 crew. 

Passion – 173’ x  30’ , 12 guests, 14 crew, click link for interior shots.

Annaeva – 183’ x 34’, 12 guests, 14 crew

Oasis -  194 ‘ x 37’, 12 guests, 16 crew, rents for $350,000/wk

Apogee – 205’x37’, rents for $375,000/wk, 12 guests, 17 crew, owned now or at one time by billionaire Darwin Deason.  She never did the boat parade so this is a shot in the lagoon.  Click the link for interior photos.

Here is one that would be huge on the lake at home but almost a dingy beside some of these big girls.

Then there were these little fellers everywhere and seemed to be the primary transportation in Simpson Bay Lagoon.

All photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

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  1. Lots of luxury in those babies. One would indeed feel very pampered with that lifestyle.

    They remind me of the kind of boats you see in Nice and Monaco on the Mediterranean. Great place to vacation Larry.

  2. A lot of my cousins are really into yachts and yachting...I can't really imagine owning something so...large.

  3. Wow... those are some amazing boats.. and the insides of some of them... I've seen nothing like it before on a boat, that is for sure!

  4. I can't even fathom wanting to own those boats. Some require a CREW of ten?! And one week's rent is more expensive than buying my home. That is truly a different world. Seriously fun to check it all out though! Thanks for the pics. Glad your trip was so much fun. I bet the boat parade was awesome to see. (You weren't kidding, once you see how teeny the people are in the picture, you really get just how massive those yachts are!)

  5. Sadly, I don't have a quarter million bucks or more to blow on a week's yacht rent, so I'll just have to drool over your pictures. It was a fun tour, though.

  6. Some of those yachts are bigger than our house, but I enjoyed seeing them. I guess it's just nice to be able to dream.

  7. Golly Gee----how can those tiny things cost so much????? ha ha ha.... Truly, some of them are huge....

    My cousin showed off their new RV (Motor Home) to us this week.... Geesshh--don't know what they paid for that one --but I'll bet it was a ton---probably more than we paid for our home...

    Must be nice!!!

  8. Larry... Thanks for the photos of the yachts...small ships! The largest private yacht I've ever been on was only 56', about half the size of Mambo! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  9. Wouldn't it be fun to be a guest on one of those yachts even if just for a day.

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