Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Stroll Around The Grounds

I took a few shots the other day before the storms, with hail, came through and knocked off most of the blooms.  Now that the azaleas are beginning to fade, the roses (mostly Knockout’s) are becoming the landscaping stars.

The lilac is also showing it’s stuff, even with my eyes closed.

The Big Orange (remember this is Vol country) azalea is showing it’s colors.

I believe we'd better be digging out our blueberry recipes and making room in the freezer - this is two of our six plants.

All photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South.

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  1. Your grounds look gorgeous Larry. Love those Tennessee Vol azaleas. Our knock-out roses are just beginning to bloom and believe it or not, we still have our pansies from last winter.

    We're dying to plant some herbs, but the weather man says it's going down into the 40's tonight and the 30's tomorrow night, so guess we'd better wait. I can't tell if this is spring or the beginning of fall.

  2. loving all the green and the other colours - it must be a delight for yiu both after such a chilly winter. The blueberry crop looks splendid.

    happy gardening and eating

  3. Aren't those knock-out roses just one of the best plants developed? The color is so amazing and the sheer number of buds and flowers is incredible. I miss lilacs from my days in the Midwest. . . . what an incredible aroma! Too hot for them down here. I tried 6 blueberry bushes two years ago and they all died. Dunno what I did wrong, but I don't do blueberries anymore. The deer visited 2 nights ago and ate all of our strawberries! Argh! Oh well, happy gardening Larry!

  4. I'm so glad your garden survived the storm! And I'm super jealous of your blueberry bushes!

  5. Beautiful Larry! We're starting to get leaves on the trees here. Woke up to snow yesterday. Hopefully it will warm up by the time you get here in Sept. ;-)

  6. Wow, Larry, thanks for the tour. Your grounds are looking absolutely lovely. I am one to try and see the beauty no matter where I am, but the desert I live in really holds nothing to your lush landscape!

  7. Larry, ...and you can cook too! Impressive yard with beautiful flowers and plantings. Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  8. What an amazing yard you have!!

  9. We have a few weeks before the lilacs bloom. But this weekend was the first time I could smell spring here. Sadly, both of my blueberry bushes died; I have no idea why. Maybe the (expletive deleted) deer ate them.

  10. Holy Moly! I couldn't see all those blueberries until I enlarged the photos. Will all those mature or is there a drop? I'd say you're going to have a huge crop either way. Very nice flowers, too.

  11. That IS a ton of blueberries! Our yard lost all but ONE single bloom, a peony.


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