Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Won’t Need Any Lunch Today

To my pleasant surprise, after I went to bed, Bev boiled up a pan of red potatoes to have on hand (is she great or what). When she got up, I told her I’d planned to just have cereal for breakfast, but she advised about the special meal she’d planned and I reluctantly agreed - yeah right.

This was the leftover steak from the salad meal.

It’s now August and typically the month when we have temps in the 90’s, but Sunday’s paper said we’d already hit 90* forty times this summer. I don’t claim to know if it’s caused by man or nature or both, but I’m a definite believer in global warming and I’m afraid my little hybrid car's good gas mileage and better driving habits aren't helping much.

Have a great day and stay cool.



  1. That breakfast looks divine - you're a lucky man!

    I beleive in climate change, too, Larry and try to do my part as well. It takes a lot of little changes to affect a big one. And I encourage my friends that don't believe in it, to clean up their act, anyway. What can it hurt? :)

  2. Now that's a great way to start the day :-). As to climate change, continue to do what you can, but start letting your legislators know how you feel. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

  3. cheerios...steak n eggs...cheerios...steak n eggs (insert hand weighing motion here)


  4. Bev really took leftovers and breakfast over the top! I'd be happy to find this extra ordinary breakfast waiting for me!

  5. I called MUB to complain about my office electric bill, and they said this summer is identical in weather pattern to the summer of 2008. Last summer was abnormally cool, so they said. That's why we're eating tons of ice cream!

    Nice breakfast. Lucky you.

  6. Well---at least we are doing our share --trying to help the environment with our hybrids, Larry....

    I'm still not convinced that it's Global Warming... YES---changes are happening, but remember that we also had one of the coldest winters this past winter...

    I just cannot stand Al Gore and all of the hoopla he (and others) have caused --and all of the money HE has made from that assumption. There's alot of debate on the issue --and they definitely haven't convinced me.


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