Saturday, August 7, 2010

Macaroni & Cheese – It’s What For Breakfast

The dish I eat for breakfast more than any other is a fried egg on a piece of cheese toast and it got me thinking. Pasta is basically flour and liquid and bread is basically flour and liquid therefore pasta and bread must be the same thing in a little different form. With that logic in hand, pasta and melted cheese and toasted bread with melted cheese are all but the same. Therefore,

I added a little diced venison salami to kick it up a notch. First time for this dish and it won't be the last. Kinda like cheesy grits or a cheesy mashed potato cake - cheesy starch with an egg on top, so it's not such a stretch.

Check this out - call up a map of the southeastern United States and look at the locations of Charleston, SC, Atlanta, and Knoxville, Tn then tell me if this newspaper story makes any sense to you - a plane going from Charleston to Atlanta was diverted to Knoxville for an emergency landing. I can only figure the emergency was that the pilot got lost. :-)

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  1. It looks great and I definitely want to eat breakfast at your house! Guess I'm a little late though. The plane - it must not have been much of an emergency to go so far out of the way!

  2. omg how good does this look??? A big yum-0 Larry. Your logic reminds me of that old Bill Cosby skit where after he served chocolate cake to the kids for breakfast, he was justifying to his wife that it was just as good for them as pancakes. Eggs...flour....

  3. LOL! Love the logic that got you here and that dish does indeed look tasty! Air paths - who can understand em?

  4. I love unconventional breakfasts, too. and I agree, that pilot was lost (or maybe inebriated).

  5. This works for breakfast for me!

  6. My kind of breakfast... I think that I'd fry the Mac & Sausage in butter first...then 2 eggs over easy on top. A little Tabasco and I'd be good to go!

    As for the flight diversion, one time I was on a flight to Minneapolis-St. Paul from Chicago...and we were diverted to Kansas City. Go figure!

  7. Fried egg on MacNCheese sounds disgusting, but looks wonderful!


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