Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Breakfast Mac & Cheese – Instant Replay & Bev's Pimento Cheese

We had one more serving of leftover mac & cheese and I decided another breakfast meal would be a fitting end to it. I’d seen some smoked bologna in the meat drawer and my plan was to slice and fry it then top with the macaroni then an egg, but alas it was past it’s expiration date – the pups will enjoy it. But I did discover the leftover Italian sausage from the manicotti dinner so I nuked it along with the pasta. It felt like a two egg morning and here’s the dish – this may be my new go to breakfast.


We both really like homemade pimento cheese, and just can't eat the store bought stuff, so Bev decided to make up a batch. She decided she would deviate from her normal ingredients and kick it up a little. She doesn’t have a recipe and just makes it to taste, but here are the ingredients:

· Shredded cheddar cheese – half each sharp and mild – she used the food processor shredding blade for this
· About 10oz of diced roasted red peppers*
· About 6oz jar of diced pimentos
· Mayonnaise
· Garlic powder
· A couple of diced chipotle’s in adobo*

* - the new items to kick it up.

She first tried a little in a bowl with slaw dressing, but it was sweeter than we like, so she stayed with mayo. The thing that made the big difference was the chipotle and I really liked the flavor, with a little heat, that it brought to the party - she just added until we both liked it. If you like pimento cheese and you like the chipotle flavor, this might be right up your alley. Another step toward expanding our culinary horizons.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.



  1. Mac n cheese topped with two sunny side up eggs... I can't think of anything more delicious sounding...sigh. And yes, aren't expiration dates a dog's best friend? I've never had anything but store bought pimento cheese, never ever thought about making my own! Tell Bev thanks and you can bet I'll be giving it a try.

  2. Eggs on top of mac and cheese - now that's comfort food!

  3. You're really loving that m&c for breakfast this week! I always tell my guys you need carbs to go with your protein, or you don't feel like you've eaten right.

  4. Oh My----thanks for the recipe for the pimento cheese... I'd love that!!! I am a cheese lover --and my mother used to make homemade pimento cheese.. I never have --but am ready to try it now.


  5. For the pimento cheese, it can be made creamier with the addition of cream cheese.

  6. Oh my gosh, you are killing me with these breakfast dishes!!!! You're making my healthy granola look like....well like healthy granola!

  7. The minute I saw pimento cheese I had to click over to see what was up. I adore pimento cheese and I agree, the store bought stuff doesn't compare to homemade. I think theirs is too sweet for me.

    I love the idea of the chipotles in adobo in it. Sometimes I use a little Tabasco, but the chipotles have a certain kick you can't find elsewhere. I've also been using roasted red peppers and they certainly make it special.

    I don't make pimento cheese often, but my birthdays coming up and it's one of the things I'll be eating that day. I think I'll give Bev's chipotles idea a try.

  8. I will have to try Bev's pimento cheese recipe.Hubby loves the flavor of chipotle and believe it or not, I have all the ingredients needed! Thanks for sharing with us Bev! The breakfast looks good too!!

  9. You are right - can't beat homemade pimento cheese vs. the store stuff. I already use the roasted red peppers, but will definitely have to give the chipotle a try next time - sounds like a plan!


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