Friday, August 6, 2010

Berry Smoothie

As many folks have posted lately, it’s hard to beat a smoothie on a hot summer day and I even had one for breakfast recently.

I had to have a medical test conducted the other day and I think this is must be the medical professions idea of mind games or a cruel joke – note the name and picture on the bottle. Perhaps they think that calling it a Berry Smoothie and adding a picture of beautiful berries will so condition my brain as to make it drinkable and it may have worked for the first swig or two. However, by the last drink, it was all I could do to get it down – then there was bottle number two an hour later. I’m gonna go way out on a limb here and say I think the smoothies Bev makes are a little better. :-)

Needless to say, after nothing but those two fine smoothies for breakfast, I was a little hungry after my test, so Bev, who was already in town, and a friend, who was with her, decided we should go to Cheddars Casual Cafe - one of their new favorite places, and my first time. We arrived around 11:30 and got right in but there was soon a line and according to our friend, it's always packed. We ordered an onion ring appetizer and it was huge, then Bev and I split a salad and an appetizer - also huge. After splitting a meal, we left stuffed and still brought home a box of food. I can see why it's so popular - the food is reasonably good, the portions are huge and the prices are surprizingly low ($5 for a half pound cheeseburger)- I guess they've decided to make less per meal and make their money on high volumes. I won't sit around with baited breath until I my next visit, but I'd definitely go back - especially if I was really hungry.

Have a great day and thanks for coming by.



  1. I think I hear ya sayin that you're not going to buy a case of Berry Smoothie Readi-Cat 2 Barium Sulfate and switch it out for steak and eggs for breakfast? ;-p

  2. I had a test just like that a long time ago, and I have not forgotten. No, the lie on the package would not make it any better. Hope your results were positive.

  3. I've had to drink a few of those tasty beverages - they're the worst part aren't they? I found that refrigerating them does wonders. (file that away for next time.)


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