Monday, August 16, 2010

Basic Steak And Taters

Our Fort Knox family came in for Saturday and Sunday so that Alex could attend a modeling school function and Bev’s plan really appealed to me – let’s cook something simple for supper. My solution was to throw some steaks and potatoes on the grill. She decided it should be potatoes and cheese in a foil pouch and add a salad.

To prep the steaks, I just went with S & P, garlic powder and Montreal Steak Seasoning. For the potatoes, I’ve not been thrilled with how the cheese has turned out the last couple of times, using shredded cheese and canned milk, so I decided to start with a fondue. I adapted an Emeril Fondue recipe using more cornstarch and less white wine to make a thicker fondue to offset the liquid in the onions and potatoes. So my recipe was:

8oz Cheddar cheese
8 oz Jack cheese
3 tbsp Cornstarch
½ cup White wine
1 tbsp Minced garlic
6 Medium potatoes, diced
2 Medium large onions, halved and sliced

· Peel and slice potatoes and onions. Shred the cheese and toss with the cornstarch.
· In a saucepan, bring the garlic and wine to a simmer.
· Stir in the cheese a little at a time until melted.
· Spray a piece of heavy-duty foil with Pam. (we used a foil bag this time)
· In a bowl, mix together the veggies and the fondue and salt and pepper to taste. Do it fast as the cold potatoes quickly cools the fondue.
· Pour the mix onto the foil, seal the edges, and toss on the grill over direct heat and flip every 5 minutes until the foil pack fills with steam – like a Jiffy Pop popcorn, then move to indirect heat and cook the steaks.

The amount of cheese can be altered to suit your taste.

I decided these good looking steaks deserved to be cooked on the charcoal grill, so I built a hot fire on one side with no fire on the other. When it was ready, I cooked the steaks for a couple of minutes per side (depending upon desired doneness) to get a nice crust, then moved them to indirect to finish cooking.

Sorry, but we were running real late I was too busy cooking and serving to take any pictures, but the meal was great and making the cheese sauce for the potatoes worked very well – it’s my new go to way to do this.

I did manage to get a shot of the potatoes the next time I ate them though,

The darker color is where the cheese stuck to the foil and it’s my favorite part.

I mixed some country ham into some potatoes, nuked, and topped with a fried egg for breakfast this morning.

They worked great for this.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.



  1. What a wonerful solution to the cheese/water problem often encountered in a potato situation. I'll be trying this very soon. I think steak, potatoes and a salad is just about the perfect meal! And to have the potatoes for breakfast...with that egg???? omg

  2. This dish looks heavenly! The cheesy potatoes look great and the perfectly cooked egg on top makes me happy!

  3. YUM, cheesy potatoes cooked out on the grill...doesn't get much better unless you have a steak cooked over charcoal. Great meal Larry.

  4. A simple meal sounds like a great idea to me... I'm all about SIMPLE--especially in the hot summer.

    The steak, taters and salad all sound like a great dinner.... But--I laughed at your breakfast--since it seems that you always take some dinner left-overs and stick an egg on top... Guess that makes a good breakfast...

    Hope you all have chickens --since you eat so many eggs... ha ha ha

  5. I like the chewy "goodies" too - my favorite part of baked foods.

  6. Potatoes and cheese with eggs for breakfast looks just awesome! It's so nice that your son is close enough to just drop by for the weekend!

  7. Hey, those potatoes look great Larry. I like the fondue approach, nice idea.

  8. Larry, this is a great meal to share with family. THis post really reminded me of my dad who would be drooling over this meal The mention of these steaks deserving to be grilled on a charcoal grill would have sent him over the edge with giddiness.

    Awesome meal. Love the potatoes.


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