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Angie’s Kitchen in Loudon, TN & Cindy Update

Before I get to the restaurant visit, here is some info about a pretty serious situation with Cindy. You likely know by now that she has been living with us for several years and for the past many weeks she has been dealing with some serious pain in her hip and knee.  She has been to several doctors and none of them have been able to say for sure what is needed to fix her problem.  Last Thursday, she went to see about getting another injection in her hip and after being told about how much pain she was in, the doctor sent her for a hip x-ray.  At 4 pm that day, the doctor’s office called and told her to go to the hospital for emergency surgery the next morning, but didn’t tell her why. After the surgery we learned that she had an infection in her hip that even required some bone removal – bless her heart.  

She will be in the hospital until tomorrow, then go to a step-down location, and finally home for six weeks on an IV.  We don’t yet know if it’s Mrsa (and sure hope not), the cause of the infection, or the next step for the hip.  We are just happy that the problem has been discovered and that she is no longer crying from the intense pain.  Here she is post surgery after her sister fixed her hair.

And now to Angie's

Our friends David and Laurie are just the opposite of me in that I’m a homebody and they like to be on the go and while I prefer to cook at home they are professional restaurant tryers.  Since they have eaten every restaurant in a 25 mile radius of their home (maybe a slight exaggeration), they are my go-to source for places we should try.  So when Dave posted about six weeksago about their enjoyable breakfast meals at Angie’s Kitchen, I filed it away as a place I wanted to try. 

As it turns out, this was the week for the last of Kathy’s Christmas present lunches and it gave me a reason to make the 30 minute drive to Loudon, TN.  We got there about 11:30am so there were only a few folks eating at the time, one of which was a cop, which is always a good sign.

Angie's has a good menu of sandwiches and plate lunches, plus baked potatoes stuffed with a variety of toppings.

Kathy and I each ordered the Country Fried Steak ($13.99) and I sided mine with mashed potatoes and white beans.  I would have called this chicken fried steak but their description is sometimes used around here.

Bev ordered the Tennessee Tornado ($11.99) described as “In house made pimento cheese wrapped in a flour tortilla, fried golden brown, topped with Gigi’s chili served with lettuce, tomato, onion, and sour cream on the side.”

She ate less than half of it and I took one bite to try it - she may get two more meals from it.

The Verdict:

Bev and I both thought the tornado was delicious with very good pimento cheese and like I told the waitress – “the last time I had chicken fried steak this good, I was in Texas.”  The meat was breaded in-house, fork tender and no sign of gristle and the gravy was silky and delicious but the biggest surprise was the white beans.  They were cooked with ham and as good as any I’ve made at home – I was expecting pretty plain beans but I would order just them for my lunch meal.  Kathy felt the same about her meat as I did.  We will definitely return to Angie's for good food at a good price - Bev recently ate in Pigeon Forge, TN and got "tourist food" - mediocre food at a high price.

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2/19/24 meal date


  1. My heart goes out to Cindy. They never figured out how I got that infection in my ankle last year that sent me straight to surgery also. I am so glad they found Cindy's problem and got her in so quickly.

  2. Poor thing, praying she has a quick recovery.

  3. Our thoughts and prayers for Cindy. I would require a bucket of gravy to go with the chicken fried steak.

  4. Prayers for Cindy... That is scary! SAD! We may have to try Angie's Kitchen sometime... I would love that 'Tornado" since I love Pimento Cheese... YUM... Hugs, Betsy

  5. Poor Cindy! Sending lots of healing thoughts her way. Your lunches both look so tasty!

  6. I hope that Cindy gets the best of care to help eliminate her pain. As one who lives with chronic pain too, I completely understand what she deals with every day and wish her the best.

  7. I think I gained 10 pounds just by looking at the country fried steak that you ordered!

  8. Larry, Sorry to hear about Cindy's health issues. Laurie will text her and perhaps provide a little support through the text. Glad that Angie's was enjoyed by all! Hopefully, this iteration will stick at that location as its gone through several failed operations over the last few years. Take Care, Dave and Laurie


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