Friday, July 16, 2021

Salmon Omelet For Breakfast

Normally I would just post this at the end of the previous salmon supper blog but it was so good I decided it deserved its own post.  For breakfast the next morning, I sauteed some of our asparagus and cherry tomatoes then added some of the leftover salmon and Mediterranean topping to warm it. 

In a separate pan I added three beaten eggs and covered with a lid. 

When the eggs were about set on the top, I topped them with the salmon mix and American cheese.

I folded it as it was plated to get this.

This was one of the better omelets I’ve ever eaten and I may grill salmon in the future just for them.

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  1. WEll since Salmon is my favorite this is a new one on me and it looks yummy!

  2. Larry, Nice breakfast! I don't do omelets often but I think that a couple of over easy eggs would work as well. Very healthy! Take Care, Dave

  3. You know me and fish for breakfast ... I'm saying it was the American Cheese that made it so good. :)

  4. It definitely deserves it's own post! What a breakfast. YUM.


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