Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Grilled Salmon With Easy Skin Removal

In spite of watching it easily done by TV chefs and fish mongers, I find that using a knife to remove the skin from raw salmon to be a somewhat exasperating experience.  So rather than trying, I use my grill to get it off.

We had three nice pieces of salmon in the freezer and opted to have them for supper and top them with a Mediterranean topping.  After thawing I kept the salmon covered in the fridge until an hour before cooking time.

For seasoning, I sprinkled some Tiger Seasoning and lemon pepper on the meat sides then brushed on a light coat of mayo to prevent sticking to the grill grates.  I brushed a light coat of oil on the skin for the same reason.

For cooking, I preheated the grill with two burners on medium and two on high.  I put the fish skin side down on the high burners until I could slide a spatula between the skin and the meat (about one minute) then flipped it onto the medium burners (turned the high ones off and easily removed the skin with tongs).

I added the seasonings and mayo to the skin side and cooked the first side for about five minutes (grill lid closed) then flipped again and cooked to an internal temperature of 130F about 5 more minutes for our thick pieces.

I plated the salmon, added the topping and sided it with a salad.

The Verdict:

This method of skin removal works great and it does as well when pan fried. For baked salmon, I just cook it skin side down then remove just the meat for serving leaving the skin in the pan.  I personally will eat the fish skin but my women will have none of it – remember they don’t even like fishy fish.  We both thought the salmon was delicious and the lemon pepper and Tiger worked very well so I will use them again.  The topping had olives, tomatoes, a splash of balsamic and pepper jack cheese (we had no feta).

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  1. looks great I love salmon and only eat fish so this will be a great new recipe to try!

  2. I refuse to eat the skin. No matter how crispy it is. Seems odd, since I'll devour fried chicken skin. ;) I think I tried to remove the skin from raw salmon exactly one time. What a mess. Even with a sharp knife. I let baking and grilling do the work for me.

  3. Looks like a very tasty meal.

  4. Larry, Very creative method for removing the skin! I'd never be patient enough to try doing it with a knife anyway... Fabulous looking salmon steaks. Nice job of eating healthy. We just got back from our family visits/road trip...and ate anything but healthy along the way. Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


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