Friday, May 27, 2011

New England Day 5 – Portland And South

The things on my New England Bucket List to start this day were eat fried clams and a lobster roll, check out the Portland fish markets and drive down the coast south of Portland. We did them all this day and after filling 2 coolers with fresh seafood, we decided to head back to Tennessee a day early – other than drive up Mt. Washington, we’ve done everything I wanted to do.

I took a few shots in North Conway of the older homes that had been turned into inns and their version of an early 1900's hotel like the Mt. Washington Hotel.

This in a very unique motel.

I decided to take a different route to Portland to avoid the 15 minute dead stop we experienced for road work the previous trip and I’m sure glad I did. Even though it was more of a back road, it was in no worse shape than the other route and it went by some beautiful little lakes (ponds) – I’ve never seen so much water as there are streams, lakes and bogs everywhere we went. Here’s a few lake shots.

We headed directly to the Portland Harbor area and went to the highly recommended Harbor Fish Market to check it out, unbelievable – separate post still coming. Upon saying we needed to get our shopping list together and I wanted a lobster roll for lunch the fish monger said the Portland Lobster Co about a half block away had the best in town, so off we went along the wharf.

No trouble finding a seat on a mid-May weekday.

I had the lobster roll and Bev had the fried clams, items 1 and 2 on todays list.  They were both good, but once again, I was underwhelmed by the lobster and preferred the clams.  It was a toasted hotdog bun, and the cold meat from a 1# lobster that had been brushed with butter - I thought a little mayo based sauce mixed in would have made it better.  The Native Americans used lobster to toss on their fields for fertilizer and the early European settlers gave them to the servants, but we pay outrageous prices for them - hum.

After lunch and a two-coolers-full fish purchase, we headed for Cape Elizabeth, which had been recommended by Mary at Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes. She also recommended several restaurants and we saw three of them, but we had already eaten – thanks Mary.

At Cape Elizabeth we visited the light houses and the shore – notice that I didn’t say beach as the coastline was rocky – quite a departure from the southern beaches we’re used to. The shore was beautiful none the less and here are a few shots including a lighthouse, of course.

Since we needed to get packed for the trip home, we headed back to the NH resort rather than driving on down the coast for more scenery and to drop by for a visit with the Bush’s at their Kennebunkport compound – maybe next time.

When we got back, we checked out a few menus and decided to try the very close Mexican place – Margarita Grill, thinking we were seafooded out but we were shocked.

It was a fantastic combination of New England and Mexican and other -we each had a scallop dish. I forgot pictures, but Bev had the baked scallop and mushroom appetizer and I had the Cajun scallop special which came with a super good slaw of cabbage and dried cranberries and sweet potato fries. Bev commented that she could have eaten there every night for our week. And to top it off, the margaritas were excellent and the service was outstanding – and we brought home a bottle each of their homemade hot sauces – I think that made 7 for the trip.

When we got back to the resort, this little guy was looking around for a meal.

Then it was pack up the car and hit the sack for an early start to the trip home.

REMINDER: The dead line for the blogger party is June 1 and so far we have 15 adults and some kids, so it looks like a good party in the making.

All photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South.

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  1. I love New England and I've been enjoying your tour. I would have been a little surprised by your lobster roll too. The recipes I've seen always mixed mayo and chopped celery in the lobster before putting it on a buttered hot dog roll. Maybe the chef put his special touch on it.

    Funny how you think you know exactly what you want and you're surprised when you find it where you least expected it.

    Blogger party - we'll be there. Can't wait.

  2. Really great photos, Larry. I had no idea about the history of lobster meat. It's gone the way of the lowly skirt steak, eh?

  3. Such lovely pictures, Larry! I've so enjoyed my tour through New England with you.. though I do wish I was there to enjoy all that delicious food!!

  4. Love your photos, Larry. The east coast is so beautiful. If it was Portland, Oregon you were talking about I would offer to take you on a little tour of my great state. If you ever get out this way you will see scenery you won't believe. And our seafood is pretty darn good as well.

  5. I think it is time to plan another trip to New England for my family. It is so pretty up there. I will wait until it is warmer though, like August!

  6. I wish I could join your blogger party!

    It looks like a fun trip and you took some beautiful photos. It's too bad the lobster roll wasn't fantastic - they could do better than a hot dog bun! The Margarita Grill sounds like my kind of restaurant.

  7. It all looks so quaint, I like fishing villages like that. I'd definitely be hitting the clam strips, I love those things.

  8. Thanks for all of your pictures and great food from the New England area. When we go to the beach in NC---we cannot get our fill of fresh seafood... SO--we eat it every single day we are there...

    LOVE the Lighthouse --but you knew I would.

  9. Larry, Nice Photos! They make me hanker for a trip to Maine or points north in Canada. Great photo of that fox too... Interesting that the Lobster Rolls that you had on the trip were 'mayo free'. Most of ours in New England were in Massachusetts or Rhode Island and they used Mayo. I'll go with the clam strips! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  10. Hope you Barbara and George doing well. I've only had one lobster roll and that was at a friends house, who was from Maine, had the lobster shipped in. Mayonnaise was on that roll and the meat wasn't cold. I thought it was delicious. Love that you found a great little Mexican restaurant in New England.

  11. Hi again! It has been nice to see your photos, your trip was to an area I have never been to. Thanks so much.

  12. Larry, New England is one spot of this great country that I have never been to and is seriously on my bucket list! Your photos have increased my desire to see the region! Sadly, we are not going to be able to make it to the blogger party. We'll be in Tennessee this coming weekend at my daughter and husband's lake home up in the Tazwell area. I know it will be a great time and hope you post photos of everything! Happy Trails and Save Travels this Memorial Day weekend!


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