Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Leftover Crab Frittata

Our last blooming azalea has run amoke - it's 9' from the walk to the wall.  It probably said "grows 4' across and 3' tall" on the tag when we bought it.

We had a piece of the frittata left from dinner the other night and as you might expect, I had it for breakfast. I believe it was just as good reheated as it was originally, especially with no crust to be soggy. I sided with my frequent cottage cheese and tomatoes all atop some of our gourmet lettuce - I'm working on my presentations.

And yes Mommy, I did eat all of the greenery – no way am I going to nurse those little plants in the greenhouse, plant them in the garden, feed and water them, harvest and wash them, then use them for garnish and toss in the compost container. I cut every bite with a knife to ensure lettuce with each one and unlike Iceberg, this lettuce actually has some good food value. From

“Iceberg lettuce is the most popular of all the lettuce types. Gram for gram, iceberg lettuce has much less nutritional value than the darker lettuces.”

“Green leaf lettuce contains large amounts of vitamins A and K, plus the antioxidants beta carotene and lutein.”

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  1. Looks lovely - ahh, I knew there would be an egg there.

    Tonight (Wednesday here) I made some English Muffins. I put mine into the skillet "freeform", i.e.dollop in a spoonful for each. Well, once cooked one had me thinking "that's a Larry muffin - shaped perfectly for 2 sunny-side-up eggs" I'll let you dream up the other toppings and seasonings,

    sending care, huggles and love to you both, Michelle xxxx

  2. Nice presentation Larry. I'm going to start making my Wedge salads with Romaine. My friend Michele posted a photo of one from a cruise ship. Just have to learn how to cut it so it looks as inviting as an iceberg wedge. I'm on a cottage cheese mixed with chunks of mango kick right now.

  3. Chris really only likes iceberg lettuce, so we eat a lot of that, but I of course love the green leaf better :) Your plate looks great.. love the presentation. Sometimes I really hate taking the time to do that...all i want to do is sit down and eat!!!

  4. Not only is it more nutricious, it's fresher, local and organically grown. I LOVE knowing that my salad didn't get a lot of chemicals and waste fuel to make it to my table. (stepping off my soap box) Beautiful plate, Larry.

  5. That is one gorgeous plate of food. Someone has to speak in defense of iceberg lettuce. I'll be the one :-). All objections to it are valid but little in the garden affords its crunch and texture. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  6. I wish I could have a bite right now Larry! I'm starving and that look so yummy! I love an egg dish anytime of day.

  7. Have to laugh... I started using Romain just cause it looks so good in photos. Your leftovers look so good!

  8. Sounds like a tasty breakfast... I also think your presentation looks really nice. I would eat the lettuce too!

  9. I like to eat whatever's hanging around in the fridge for breakfast, too. To be fair, I often don't eat until I've been up for 4 hours or more; does it still count as breakfast then?

  10. Frittatas are wonderful; wish I had the ingredients for this one now for a midnight snack!

  11. We hardly ever buy iceberg lettuce anymore. My favorite variety is black simpson lettuce that we get from the farmers market.


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