Sunday, May 29, 2011

Finally - Serious Seafood Shopping In Portland

One of the things I wanted to do on our New England trip was bring home some good, fresh seafood so Friday was dedicated to it plus a little touring around south of Portland. We talked to a few folks, including a restaurant owner, and Harbor Fish Market, in Portland came highly recommended. First, we went in, looked around, and asked some questions then went off for lunch and to prepare our shopping list.

Bear in mind that I love seafood and it was so fresh, they were cutting it up in one room and selling it in the next. I could not pass up this opportunity, even if it meant leaving for home a day early – it was supposed to be raining on Saturday anyway.

Here are some shots of the retail market which is a small part of their business.

This is the very helpful and friendly fish monger, Dan.

These are the tanks for live crabs and lobsters.

He did a great job packing it up and when we got home, the ice packs were still frozen and the fish was odorless = fresh.

After unloading the car and a few minutes to just relax, I tackled bagging and storing the seafood.

We had 4 pints of chopped clams, 2 pints of crabmeat, and 2 pints of steamer clams that went directly into the freezer.

Next up were the fishes and this is in order of the pictures. I cut them as necessary for meal sized packages, sealed in vacuum bags, and froze. First was haddock, hake (a local favorite similar to haddock, but milder), and cod.

Then it was swordfish, salmon (one of two), and halibut – for the grill and smoker. I’ve noticed Atlantic Salmon in the market is always farm raised and according to the fishmonger, it’s because it’s a protected species.

Finally, the scallops which I froze prior to bagging.

I feel a serious seafood platter coming on in the near future.

All photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South.

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  1. Oh wow! I'll be right over!

  2. How wonderful that you checked out the fish market AND came back to find such a helpful fishmonger.

    I predict some very happy fishy meals for Larry and Bev - and you two so deserve this,

    sending care and huggles, Michelle down in New Zealand

    (where we are only ever 5 hours drive at the mostest from our coastline or habours, for me it is minutes on a bus)

  3. Even with NZ English spelling - it should be "Harbour". Guess I was overwhelmed by all that gloriously fresh seafood!

    What a wonderful foodie time Larry and Bev will have over Summer - all this delicious and very healthy seafood, plus the wonderful veg from your garden. I am so very pleased for you each and both,

    Michelle, and my snoozling Zebby Cat

  4. Being land locked, you can imagine how jealous I am over this cache. Just so you know we're not completely deprived, we've been enjoying fresh Copper River Salmon this week ... $38 dollars a pound ... thank you very much. =:o

  5. Green with envy up here in Montana. Can't wait to hear all the wonderful goodies you dream up. Guess I'll go buy me some frozen fish from Costco .... Sigh.

  6. Wow, what an amazing fish market. I would be like a kid in a candy store there. I'm looking forward to seeing how you prepare all this wonderful seafood.

  7. Nothing like fresh local seafood that's for sure. Sadly, most people in our country are buying subpar frozen imported junk from overseas so they have no idea how good fresh - or even fresh frozen - USA seafood is.

  8. Larry,
    What a photo-tour of the journey of fresh seafood from sea to market! I LOVE that fresh smell of super clean, super fresh fish! I hope that you bought as much as your freezer can possibly hold . . . and maybe even buy ANOTHER freezer for your frozen treasure!

  9. Larry, That is a boatload of seafood!! Should be good eating... Laurie and I once went salmon fishing off the coast of N. California. We ended up giving the captain of the boat about 86 lbs. of fresh salmon. Depressing for us, but he was a happy guy! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  10. Dang, Larry, did you buy the whole store? ha ha

    Looks like you are well stocked for the summer.

  11. I for one have certainly enjoyed your successful fish shopping experience!

  12. I'm glad you've enjoyed it, Little Dude!


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