Saturday, March 26, 2011

Blogger Party - A Texas BBQ in East Tennessee

Last year, we had such a good time, we wanted to have another blogger get-together this summer. Chris Grove (Nibble Me This) and I love to BBQ and would like to invite our blogger buddies to join us for as close as we can get to an authentic Texas BBQ.  Chris put together this really cool announcment and to read it just click on it and when it comes up, click on it again.

We'll be back in early May asking for an RSVP but you can let me know now if you like.  Hope you can make it.



  1. Wild horses couldn't keep us a way Larry.

    This sounds fabulous and Chris really "did it up" with the invitation. I'll be sure to bring my photographer.
    Sam (and of course Meakin too)

  2. I am putting this in big red letters on my calendar!!

  3. Larry, This Event is now on our calendar! Love your dock parties... Take Care, Big Daddy Dave & Laurie

  4. Don't think I can make it. ha ha ha ha

    Nah, of course we'll be there!

  5. oh how I wish I could join you for that bbq!! I do love Texas and I do love BBQ!! Take plenty of photos for us to drool over!

  6. Hi Larry, I tried to use your email link, but got a bad email add back, please send an email to, I would love to attend..


  7. I would love to come....I wonder how much flights there are? Must check into that!

  8. This looks like a really fun time! If I can remember, I will join you!

  9. Hi Larry,

    Thanks for the kind invitation! Do you live in the Knoxville area? Or is your piece of Heaven in the northern part of Tennessee? If you are near Knoxville, than that is a doable drive for me. Just let me know.

    PS: I left a comment to you and the others after your comment regarding what happened with the stolen blog's interesting. My reply back to her is added to my post. I think most food bloggers are in agreement with what I stated in return to her.

    All the best, Roz


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