Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Very Berry Breakfast

Most of my life, I ate cold cereal for breakfast, including my standard bowl of dry Cracklin Oat Bran on my way to work, so I rarely eat it now. But every now and then, an inspiration comes along and I have to have some and a couple bowls of fresh berries sitting on the kitchen counter will do it. As a kid, I ate lots of cereal and preferred the kids stuff with catchy names and lots of sugar, but when I went next door to Grandma’s she gave me Grape Nuts and convinced me they were good. That was probably due to the dose of sugar and long softening soak in milk that did it.

But somewhere along the line, I decided I liked them crunchy, without sugar and with just a little milk - Euell Gibbons would have been proud of me (you have to be old to understand this comment). So I asked Bev to pick me up a box at the store and this is my first meal from them and it was very enjoyable – fresh berries make everything better.

In case you’re sitting around wondering what to do with some left over garlic, buttermilk mashed potatoes, try this.

A man can’t eat cereal and berries every time – although he should.

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  1. Well, I'm old cause I get your comment! Both breakfasts look like something I want right now!

  2. Grape Nuts are my favorite, but I have to admit I would go straight for the potatoes and eggs if I had a choice.

  3. I remember ol' Euell, too! My kids tell me I'm old, and I guess they're right...

  4. "Ever eat a pinecone? Certain parts are edible!" I remember Euell Gibbons well. :)

    I never ate much for breakfast until I was an adult. I'm with you on crunchy cereal with little or no sugar . . . the cereal and berries look delicious!


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