Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Love Them Or Hate Them Foods & Blogger Party

We thought we’d send out one final reminder about our blogger party before the RSVP date.
Date: May 27, 2012 – rain or shine
Time: Noon – til everyone leaves, eat around 1:30
Who:  Any fellow bloggers who are willing to make the trip and significant other, or not.
Where:  Larry’s place on Tellico Lake about 35 miles southwest of Knoxville, Tn
Food:  We will be serving crawfish/shrimp boil or Cajun pork BBQ Po Boys for the non- seafood fans.
Drinks:  We’ll provide tea and soft drinks but feel free to BYOB
Donation:  We’ll be asking for a small donation ($10 or so) to help with the food cost, but we won’t know what it will be for sure until we know the attendance.
Hosted by: Katherine Aucoin, Chris Grove, Larry Doolittle

RSVP:   We need to know if you will be coming by May 6 so we can order the fresh food from Louisanna.  Let Larry know at

One of the local columnists wrote in a recent article that beets were a vile vegetable and I know other things are similarly thought of.  Many foods often fall into a love them or hate them relationship with eaters and very few people in the middle.  You rarely hear this about green beans or potatoes or tomatoes or corn or steak or shrimp, but some common ones that seem to be on the love/hate list are:

Brussels Sprouts
Lima Beans
Oysters, seafood
Squid (calamari)
Mutton and maybe lamb
Liver and other organs
Mountain oysters, not seafood – not common but had to add it

Do you have any that you would put close to the vile end?

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South.



  1. Can't wait for your party. I just tried to twist the arm of someone we all know and love to come. We'll see. It's a very long trip for her.

    Love, hate - neither of us are fond of brussel sprouts and I'm not much on beets. Not sure what a mountain oyster is.

  2. OUCH, my arm hurts! :) I'd love to come to the blogger party, but with everything that's going on with my mom, I feel like my life is on hold. As far as the love/hate; Only thing I see on that list is liver. I've tried to like it... really I have. I tried a Rocky Mountain Oyster once, (one bite) and lived through it.

  3. Hi Larry! Laurie here...
    You know we're coming! Wouldn't miss it!

    I happen to absolutely love beets! I just finished a jar of Starr Mountain Beets from Delano, TN. The very best! It's like eating candy! You know we love brussels sprouts! Not big on turnips but I'll eat them in a stew. We love seafood but the oysters would have to be fried. Have not the courage to eat them raw. But I love sushi & sashimi!! Love, love lamb! Rocky Mountain Oysters are pretty good...Hate liver! My whole family loves liver & onions but it never turned me on. My Momma once cut it into rounds & tried to pass it off as a hamburger...Give me a break!! I love mushrooms! I sure wish David did...Life would be so much easier!! See ya later today! PS. Sorry about the above first comment. I hit some key & away it went before I could finish it.

  4. I am forced to put pickled pigs feet on your list! Hope y'all have a great get together on the 27th.

  5. A no-go on organ meat or mountain oysters but do like the rest. Sounds like a fun party, too bad I live so far away!

  6. The only offal I like is a good black pudding - known also as a blood sausage. The texture of all the rest I find appalling.

    Without even having tried them I know the texture of the Mountain Oyster (from any animal) would not go well with my palate. Any folks willing to try these and other "extreme food" should come down to New Zealand for our annual West Coast Wild Food Festival. A Huhu grub anyone?

    I am in the "detest" group for the fresh herb coriander/cilantro (and similar tasting herbs like Vietnamese mint). I also loathe the spice that is the caraway seed.Also shellfish and those dreadful brussels sprouts. All are Vile to me.

    As a child I hated peppers (capsicums), cucumbers and mushrooms, however my taste has improved over the years.

    I will happily eat olives, feta cheese and good quality anchovies, even to extent of munching down an anchovy all by itself!!

    I still avoid meat with the connective tissue, no matter how well you cook it (so no lamb shanks for me) but I do now enjoy a beef steak that is fast cooked in a very hot pan so it is in the rare side of medium/rare- you know Larry; so it is no longer mooing yet deliciously juicy. i love a lamb leg steak cooked this way too - only I have to share those with my Zebby Cat in order to survive!!!

    What a fun post I've found this to be. Sincere apologies for my raving and rambling on,

    Michelle down in Wellington, New Zealand - and a snozzing Zebby Cat, xxxxxx and puRRRRumbles from us

  7. Wish I could come to your blogging party, but there's no way Larry. I'll sure reading about it though.

    As for hated food; I refuse to eat Mountain oysters. As a kid that grew up on a ranch, we had Rocky Mountain oysters occasionaly, and I would not try them. yuck.
    I loved fried liver and onions as a kid, but don't make that now because my husband hates it. sigh~
    I haven't tried too much seafood, but I am willing!
    Love all those veggies listed!

  8. Wishin' I could fly to Knoxville and drive to your place for the blogger party...maybe next year. We could spend some time touring the south, too!

  9. I'm sorry, Larry, but we won't be able to attend... Dang it!!!!! One of these years, we will make it!!! Sounds like a wonderful party!

    I like most foods --but I will not eat 'winter' fresh tomatoes.. I love the home-grown ones in the summer --but not the rest of the year.

    I don't care much for the taste of soy sauce ---so I try to stay away from recipes with it in it --as much as I can.

    I LOVE liver and onions, LOVE brussel sprouts, LOVE fried okra, and LOVE fried oysters. (Do not like anchovies though!)


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