Saturday, September 3, 2011

Chicken Piccata Ala Kate

It amazes how often you post recipes just when I need one and it happened again this week.  I’d bought some mushrooms for a dish that never got made and shortly after Bev mentioned we needed to use them, along came Kate over at A Spoonful Of Thyme with a recipe for a delicious looking Chicken Piccata.

I laid out a package of bone-in chicken breasts which I always have in the freezer for barbecuing and deboned them after thawing.  I put the tenders aside and pounded the breasts down to a fairly even thickness.  Then I just followed Kate’s recipe, which can be found at her site, along with a better photo, by clicking on the above link.  We sided it with a simple salad and some steamed broccoli and cauliflower left from a veggie tray we’d had recently, plus some onion.  After steaming, Bev mixed them with some Emeril’s Essence, garlic hot sauce, butter, and grated cheddar.

I thought the whole meal was delicious and will make the chicken dish again – one word of caution is that it was just right for me be could be too lemony for some folks.  I’m not usually a fan of steamed veggies, but I really liked Bev’s doctoring job on these.

For this meal we used up the mushrooms and vegetables then sautéed the chicken tenders for breakfast the next morning with scrambled eggs, and used the bones to make broth for tomato soup the next evening, and finally gave the scraps to the dogs. 

I’m not a hunter, but Bev had me take a picture of this feller who certainly is, as it sits atop her sedum surveying the situation.

All photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South.

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  1. Chicken picatta is one of my favorite dishes. So fresh and lemony.

    I think the Praying Mantis is hunting for one of Larry's good breakfasts.

    Watching those things fly is a treat.

  2. Oh how I love chicken piccata!! YUM!!

  3. Hey there Larry Dude! Just got your comment and had a huge it to BIll and he also sad that I am still in the working world and not happily retired like SOME PEOPLE! LOL! If I were you or Bev right now, I'd be in the water to cool off....geez when is this going to END? Love the chicken piccata recipe and Bev's veggies. Lemon always makes everything so much more alive, in my opinion! have a safe and restful labor day . . . or do you really need a day off from retirement! LOL!!! :-)

  4. PS: Love the sedum starting to change colors. Some of mine are burnt from this horrible summer heat, but I know they'll be OK next year. We have those little camelians around here too, my dad thought they were scorpions! HA!

  5. Hmmmm is he praying or preying? ha ha

  6. What a terrific dinner and carry-over breakfast. It really sounds delicious. I loved your photo of the lizard. I hope you have a great long weekend. Blessings...Mary


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